9 Ways to Find a Recruiter to Help with Your Job Search

Searching for a job can be pretty frustrating, especially when your cover letters and resumes get no response. 

You check the major online job sites like ZipRecruiter and Indeed daily. You’ve triple-checked that your resume is up to date and free of typos or mistakes. You’ve polished your LinkedIn profile and have been networking both online and offline. 

But you’re still not being hired! It feels like you have hit a dead end. 

It may be time to find a recruiting agency or a recruiter, who can significantly help your job search.

What is a Recruiter?

A recruiter can either work with a staffing agency or work alone and oversees which qualified candidate gets what open job position. They often work directly with the hiring manager to outline the skills required for the specific role, develop the job description, then manage the application process.

They review resumes, set up interviews, submit job offers and negotiate them when necessary, and in some cases, they help with onboarding new employees. Essentially, a recruiter is in place to meet the demands of the employee and employer during the hiring process.

Why Do Companies Use Recruiters or Agencies When Hiring?

One of the primary reasons is that a recruiter will help a company get the best individual for the specific advertised job position out of their pool of talented candidates. 

But there are several reasons why companies will use a recruiter or a recruiting agency when hiring, including: 

  • Recruiters and agencies often have access to exceptional talent. They can quickly tell who among the applicants has the skills needed for the job.
  • Working with recruiters saves time since they can quickly fill open job positions. This is because the company does not have to create the job description and advertisement, review resumes, contact applicants, pre-screen them, or set up the job interviews.
  • Most firms and recruiters have industry expertise, so they will provide applicants who are the right fit for their companies. 
  • Working with recruiters or agencies helps companies save on costs and reduce the turnover rate.
  • Recruiters and agencies can offer different hiring options.

How Do Recruiters Help Job Seekers?

Recruiters help make the hiring process more straightforward since they act as your liaison. They can help your job search in many ways, including: 

  • providing you with valuable resources
  • identifying gaps in your skillset and suggesting training courses
  • perfecting your application materials
  • helping you create an effective resume that highlights your achievements and skills
  • giving you industry insight and labor market information
  • advocating on your behalf
  • guiding your job search
  • connecting you to job opportunities and helping you access the hidden job market
  • offering interview coaching and strategies 

9 Ways to Find Recruiters

Recruiters have a broad reach across professional associations, social media, and job boards. There are multiple ways to find a recruiter, including:

1. Ask For Recommendations

It is best to work with a professional recruiter whose reputation precedes them. Asking for recommendations from your friends, colleagues, neighbors, or family is a great way to find recruiters since they will recommend them based on their experience. 

Ask them what their experience was like or if they know anyone who has successfully worked with a recruiter. If they are actively working with one they like, ask if they are looking for more clients and are available to work with you, too.

2. Look Them Up On Google

You can easily find recruiters on Google, and the best part is that you are likely to find some of the most reputable ones. 

Use keywords and include the area you live in. Search for terms like employment agencies, recruiters near me, or search firms to get the top results. If there are too many listings, rephrase your search and specify what job position you are looking for.

3. Use a Directory

You can find multiple free directories online, which you can use to look for recruiting agencies based on the industry or sector, location, and special skills or training required. Check out Online Recruiters Directory and iRecruit

4. Professional Associations 

Looking through professional publications or resources is another excellent way to find recruiters because you are likely to find agencies advertising to your group members. Attending conferences and special events hosted by these associations will also give you the chance to connect with recruiters who are presenting or hosting vendor booths. 

5. “Best of” Lists

Specific publications often rank the best recruiting agencies each year. These lists will tell you how to follow or connect with the profiles of recruiters who fit what you are looking for.

6. Use LinkedIn

You can easily find recruiters on LinkedIn to follow. Once you have set up your account, search for search firms or recruiters to get an extensive list of firms. Or you can look up specific people that you’ve identified through your other research.  

When looking for a recruiter from a particular company, the best approach is to narrow down your search by finding the employer first and then searching through their employees to find the right person to connect with.   

7. Look at Job Sites

Usually, looking at job sites like ZipRecruiter, Indeed and Monster are pretty helpful since there are high chances that you will find the same recruiters posting job openings. If the jobs posted are in your area of expertise, this is a clear indication that connecting with this recruiter could be an asset to you.

8. Use Social Media

There are several social media platforms, and getting a job through social media is easier than ever. Search recruiter looking for or hiring now, and you will get different results for different profiles relevant to your industry. 

You can use Facebook or Twitter to contact a couple of professional recruiters and begin networking with recruiters, leaders, and other relevant influential people.

9. Look for Recruiter’s Blogs

Many recruiters will also set up their own websites or blogs and use content to build their networks, connect with candidates, and attract clients. Look through high-profile publications in your industry now and then, and you just might come across an article written by a recruiter representing a particular search firm. From there, you can find ways to connect with the recruiter, should you be interested.  

Let Recruiters Find You

While looking for the best recruiters is smart, don’t forget that recruiters are also constantly looking for candidates they can work with. You can use several platforms to allow recruiters to find you, such as LinkedIn or ZipRecruiter.

Recruiters often use LinkedIn to fill specific roles, so you need to set up a profile you are confident about. For starters, it helps if your profile has a professional and clear photo accompanied by a solid headline to ensure that recruiters notice you. 

Recruiters also go looking for strong candidates on job sites such as ZipRecruiter, meaning that when you upload your CV there, you increase the chances of a recruiter approaching you.

Whichever platform you use, the small details matter. It is vital that your listing stands out from the rest if you want to get the job.

Remember to include your experience and your hard and soft skills. You should also summarize your accomplishments and ensure that they are well written. On LinkedIn, utilize recommendations and endorsements.

Are you in a position that allows you to increase your visibility in your industry through getting published, writing articles, speaking in conferences, or giving talks? If you are, this would be an excellent way to put yourself out there and get recruiters to notice you.

Another tip worth mentioning is that recruiters will also notice you when you maintain a high profile in a professional organization, or are part of important committees or boards.

How to Decide Which Recruiter to Work With?

There are different kinds of recruiters, and you will meet several of them on your job search. When trying to find the right recruiter, consider what factors are vital for your specific job search.

Generally, you want a recruiter who will be a consistent resource in helping you find new career opportunities. The ideal recruiter should be interested in your goals, and not just the goals of the company they work for.

Below are a few pointers you can use to help you decide which recruiter to choose.

Research Their Network

You want to work with recruiters who are good at what they do and have a good reputation. You can get a general overview of your potential recruiter’s network using job websites or social media. 

If you are working with an agency, it can also help to find out more about the clients they work with.

One of the indications that the recruiter you are contemplating working with is a good fit is if they have an extensive network of professionals in human resources that they regularly connect with regarding job openings.

Seek Testimonials

As discussed earlier, you’ll want to find recommendations when choosing a recruiter. Find out more about people’s experiences with different recruiters and ask if they would recommend them or not.

You want a recruiter with a strong history of successful job placements. Try to avoid working with a recruiter who keeps moving from one agency to another.

Think About Their Specialty

Most recruiters work in different industries, so choosing a recruiter specializing in your field or specific skill level makes the most sense.

It is more likely that a recruiter within a specific specialty will be educated on the job requirements and the kind of applicant who would do exceptionally well in that particular position.

Narrow Your Options

You probably don’t want to go around giving any and every recruiter your resume. Find one or two recruiters who have specialized in your industry and build a relationship with them. This is the best approach when working with recruiters, and it is much more effective.

When you build a relationship with a recruiter, you can be sure that they will be committed to finding you a good job.

Tips for Working With a Recruiter

You shouldn’t stop job searching on your own when working with a recruiter. Their role is to support you, not do all of the work for you. 

With that in mind, here are a few tips for how to effectively work with a recruiter: 

  • Express gratitude whether they find you a new job or not. You want to stay on their good side, and this is an easy way to maintain the relationship.  
  • Recommend them on LinkedIn and to others in your network if they have been helpful in your job search.
  • When you agree to be a candidate, try not to back out. There is no point in working with a recruiter if you do not plan to accept new job offers.
  • Avoid directly contacting the employer when working with a recruiter because it can make you look bad.
  • Always be professional and treat your recruiter how you want them to treat you.
  • Send your recruiter a thank you note if they have helped you. 
  • Keep in touch with them even after you’ve been hired. 

If you have been sending out your resume and not getting any feedback or only getting rejections, you now know how to find a recruiter who can help you!

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