ZipRecruiter vs. Indeed: Which Job Board is Better for Job Seekers?

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If you’re anything like millions of other Americans and Canadians right now, you‘re probably looking for a new job. Since the start of 2020, unemployment has skyrocketed. Companies have had to make cutbacks, and some have even closed their doors.

With online job search sites, finding a job is easier than ever. But with so many options, how do you know which one is right for you? Let’s compare ZipRecruiter vs. Indeed and see which one is the better fit for you.


Launched in 2010, ZipRecruiter is a free online job search site. It was created to use a more A.I. approach to finding jobs for qualified candidates.

Once you create your profile and upload a resume, the algorithm will search for jobs that are an instant match with your qualifications and send you notifications to apply. So, while you are free to search the website for available jobs, the algorithm will also search for you.

Unlike Indeed, ZipRecruiter will not pull jobs from other websites. So, once you set up your profile, you will never have to leave the website to apply for a job. This will save you a lot of time, but it also means that there will not be as many jobs listed compared to Indeed.

ZipRecruiter has the highest-rated job search app. It is free to download and use. The app will send you push notifications when a job becomes available that you are qualified for. This will keep your job search going even when you’re doing other things. It also means that you can be one of the first people to apply for the job. You can also use the app for your job searches, just like you would on the website.

When you post your resume, it is entered into a database where employers can search for you based on your experience and qualifications. While there is no option for assessment tests, employers can set-up screening tools like customized questionnaires so they don’t have to only go off your resume. Not all employers set this up, though. When using ZipRecruiter, it’s still important to be as specific and honest as possible when filling out your resume.

What do I, a career coach who’s job it is to help people find jobs, consider to be the best feature of ZipRecruiter?

They notify you when an employer has viewed your resume, which gives you an indication if it seems like the employer is interested or not. With this feature, you no longer have to wait weeks for a response, only to possibly be disappointed. This saves so much time because you know very quickly if your resume has sparked an employer’s interest or if it is best to keep looking for other opportunities.


Indeed launched in November 2004, and it is free to use for candidates seeking employment. Much like ZipRecruiter, you can search on Indeed for jobs by title, salary, location, and other options.

Indeed is available in over 60 countries, and it is currently the most used and most popular job site in the US. But popularity doesn’t always mean it is the best option for you. Let’s take a look at some specifics.

Indeed has many customizable search options meant to help candidates find the exact right job for them. More than just the standard title, salary, and location searches, you can also search for specific employers, specify if you’re looking for full or part-time, specify the experience level, and even how long the job has been posted.

One major complaint about Indeed is that they tend to leave job postings on their site even if they are no longer available. So, it is possible that a job you find and apply for might not even be hiring anymore. This has deterred many people from using the website because it wastes candidates’ time. I have personally experienced this before with Indeed. It was very frustrating to wait to hear from the company only to call them and have them tell me the job has been filled for weeks.

Indeed has assessment tests that candidates can take, which will show potential employers that you are competent in certain areas. You will upload your resume to Indeed’s website, where it will be saved so you can easily apply to jobs with one click. However, this isn’t an option for all jobs on the website.

I’ve also had complaints about using Indeed’s “apply now” feature. I’ve helped numerous people apply to a job posting directly through the site, only to learn the employer never received the application. I’m not sure if this has been caused by user-error, a glitch, or what the reason was, but this is not what a job seeker – or an employer looking to hire the best people – wants to have happened.

Indeed also pulls jobs from other online job sites, making it a vast collection of job vacancies for candidates. But this means that at times you will be redirected to different job sites or the company website to apply for jobs. You will have to enter all of your information again and sometimes will have to create yet another profile on the new job website. So, while Indeed boasts time-saving applications, that is not always the case. Your experience on Indeed may not always be cohesive.

ZipRecruiter vs. Indeed: Who’s The Winner?

ZipRecruiter is a better option for finding your next job.

They might not have as many listings as Indeed, but the algorithm means a lot less work for you. When you’re unemployed, every minute counts when looking for a job. So, to have AI searching for jobs for you at all times means that if you use ZipRecruiter, the job search continues even when you’re sleeping.

With the algorithm searching for new jobs constantly, it is also much less likely that you’ll apply for a job that is no longer available, as some have reported with Indeed.

With everything being done through ZipRecruiter’s website, it is easier to keep up with any communication from potential employers because you won’t be applying on any other websites. Employers will send you messages through the ZipRecruiter message board. This means no checking other websites or needing to keep an eye on your email constantly. Messages will come directly through the app if you have it downloaded.

Why is ZipRecruiter Right for You

When you’re not working, looking for work becomes your full-time job.

It can be frustrating to log onto online job boards and sit for hours searching by titles just to find job openings that might not even still be available. We all know that a position at one company could be called something completely different somewhere else.

Tired of trying to find the right wording?

Just want to find a job that you know you’re qualified for?

ZipRecruiter makes it so much easier because you’re not alone in your search.

ZipRecruiter brings jobs directly to you. So, the endless searches and trying to figure out the exact title of the job you’re looking for is over.

Being able to stay up to date with brand new job listings and messages right in the app also makes job searching so much more convenient. You don’t have to drag out your laptop every time you search for a job. And you don’t have to create numerous profiles that you then have to monitor (if you remember to!).

ZipRecruiter also has employees ready to answer any questions you may have by phone, email, or chat. So, you never have to worry if you need some help while job-hunting.

In Summary

Overall, Indeed is a user-based website geared toward getting you access to as many jobs as possible. It may be best if you know the exact position you are looking for because you can search for that specific title and find jobs around you. However, searching for hours for jobs you may or may not be qualified for is not the most efficient use of your time.

Skip the hassle of doing all the work by yourself. If you want the jobs to come to you, then give ZipRecruiter a try. It’s free to join, the app is free to download, and it makes finding a job easier than ever.

You’ll be back to work and starting your new career in no time!

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