The Best Job Sites to Use to Get Hired Faster

Not all job search sites are created equal. It’s true – the websites you use to find work can actually make all the difference in how successful your job search will be.

Looking for a job can be tough, but the best job sites make it easier by providing a vast collection of current job opportunities and helpful resources.

However, while you often find many of the same job postings across several of the major job search sites, employers are selective with which job boards they use. Why? Because they have to pay to post their job openings on many of these websites.

This usually isn’t a problem as most companies have budgeted for this expense. But small or struggling businesses may not be able to afford the $495 to post one job on one of the best job boards. So, if you’re not using the right job sites, you could sabotage your chances of ever finding that dream job!

There is also no guarantee that the job you want is being advertised at all! Because finding a job isn’t already hard enough…

Your career’s future depends on the job sites you use. With that in mind, here are 10 of the best job sites to use to give yourself the best shot at success! And if you’re seeking specialized roles or unique career paths, we’ve got you covered with niche sites to explore.


Indeed is known as one of the best job search engines, if not the best.

Like most major online job boards, it aggregates current job postings from numerous other sites (including career pages, help wanted sections, and recruiter websites) and compiles them into one place. You can then search through these postings and filter them by things like location, salary, job type, and language.  

If you are looking for work, you can create job alerts through Indeed and get new postings emailed directly to you. You can also create a free account where you can upload your resume or create a new one. 

If the employer is accepting applications through Indeed, you can quickly apply for these jobs (when logged in) by simply clicking the “Apply Now” button. 

It’s a great platform to start your job search and to keep an eye on positions within your industry.

It has plenty of part-time and temporary jobs, including summer jobs, work-from-home jobs, contract positions, and volunteer opportunities, which are great for students and new graduates.

From an employer’s perspective, advertising with Indeed is free (with options to upgrade). Therefore, many positions with high turnover are posted here.

Indeed is the best job site for: 

  • Most job seekers
  • Starting your job search
  • Student, part-time and temporary jobs
  • Various education and experience levels 


At first glance, ZipRecruiter might appear to be no different than Indeed or the other top job sites, but it is.

Yes, you can also create a free account with ZipRecruiter, sign up for job alerts, upload your resume, set up a profile, and easily apply to job postings. But it also allows you to easily add a customized cover letter to each application you submit. You can also make your profile public, allowing employers to contact you if they are interested. 

Another big difference is that for most jobs with ZipRecruiter, you apply directly within their platform. With sites like Indeed and Monster, you are often taken to different company websites where you need to create yet another account or profile to apply. This can be time-consuming, repetitive, and confusing (especially for those that aren’t as comfortable with computers). Not to mention, it’s incredibly annoying to upload your resume, only to manually enter the same information into each of these systems. You’ve got better things to do with your time! 

As your job search is contained within your ZipRecruiter account, you can see more about the status of your application. This includes knowing when your application was received, viewed, rated, and closed by the employer. 

With other job board sites, the only way to get this information is to contact the employer directly. (No thanks!)

For an employer, posting a job with ZipRecruiter makes a lot of sense, too. There is a fee for them to advertise (after a free trial), but they syndicate it to over 100 other top job search websites, including Google, US News, Jooble, and LiveCareer. Employers can also create custom questionnaires, use screening tools, search through the resume database and directly contact potential candidates to find the best matches.

ZipRecruiter is the best job site for: 

  • Most job seekers
  • Career opportunities
  • Companies with many vacancies (such as large organizations or new businesses)
  • Using a job search mobile app 
  • Letting recruiters find you
  • Keeping track of your applications 

Expert Tip: Monster often pops up on lists of the best job search websites. However, many job seekers have complained about getting spam and scam jobs through their platform, so if you do decide to use it, please be mindful of this to keep yourself safe.

Local Employers and Agencies

Not all companies advertise their job vacancies on job search websites like the ones mentioned here. Smaller businesses or those that prefer to recruit candidates with a different and more hands-on approach may only advertise their jobs on their own websites and social media channels. 

They may not even advertise the job posting at all, choosing to keep it “hidden” and recruit through an agency or referrals instead.

I work in an employment center and we are regularly contacted directly by employers who are looking to hire. They choose not to post their jobs anywhere publicly and instead look to us to refer job seekers to them.

Local employers and agencies are the best job sites for:

  • Job opportunities with smaller or new businesses
  • Those living in smaller communities
  • Accessing the hidden job market

Specialized Job Board Sites 

With the top job search engines, you can search for millions of jobs online and apply to as many of these postings as you want in no time, simply by creating a profile and clicking “apply now.” However, because it is so easy, thousands of people apply for each vacancy. Long gone are the days when you’re one of a dozen or so applicants; you are likely one of thousands.

Hiring managers looking for candidates with a specific skill-set or experience are, therefore, more likely to advertise on specialized job boards, as the quality of applicants is much higher. 

If you are looking for work in a specialized field or for a job that meets your specific needs (or wants), there are plenty of specialized or niche job board sites out there. 

Here are a few of the top picks to check out. 

Career Contessa

Career Contessa is a job site built for women, by women. But it’s more than just curated job ads. It’s an engaging community that also includes webinars, resources, salary tools, digital downloads, and expert actionable advice from diverse women. It also includes profiles on companies that are committed to supporting women in the workplace and addresses gender issues such as sexism, the wage gap, and working parents. 

It’s free to use, but there is a cost associated with its coaching and courses.

Although this is geared towards women, anyone can benefit from using this site.

Career Contessa is the best job site for: 

  • Women, people identifying as women
  • Job seekers looking for benefits such as flexible work arrangements, parental leave, and commitments to equal pay
  • Career advice and resources 


Landing your first job after graduating is pretty challenging, but CollegeGrad has helped to make it a little easier. This free job search site specifically focuses on entry-level jobs for new grads who are ready to start their careers. 

CollegeGrad is the best job site for:

  • College graduates
  • Entry-level jobs


If you like working outdoors at places like ski resorts, summer camps, and national parks, CoolWorks can help you find the perfect job. 

The job site is free to use – which is good as many of these jobs are located in remote areas that may have travel expenses. (Although some jobs will pay for your accommodations.) 

CoolWorks is the best job site for: 

  • Working outdoors
  • Seasonal jobs
  • Hospitality, travel, and guest service jobs
  • People living in or willing to travel to remote areas

FlexJobs &

If you are looking for a job with flexibility, FlexJobs comes highly recommended. They ensure that the remote, work from home, and freelance job opportunities ranging from entry-level to executive posted on their site are legitimate and not scams

There is an affordable membership fee to use FlexJobs, but their sister site, is free to use (but doesn’t have as many job listings posted). 

FlexJobs & are the best job websites for: 

  • Remote, work from home jobs
  • Freelancing
  • Side hustles


Glassdoor is an awesome free job site to use as it combines job postings with information on the company. This includes company reviews from past and current employees and details about the company culture, benefits, and salary information. Its best feature is that it also includes valuable interview information with candidates’ reviews on the interview process and interview questions they were asked.

The only downside is that a lot of the content is user-submitted, so new and smaller companies may not have much (or any) information available. 

Glassdoor is the best job site for: 

  • Employer reviews 
  • Salary transparency
  • Interview preparation 

The Ladders

If you are looking for a job that pays $100,000 per year or more, The Ladders provides job postings from many different sectors, specialties, and major companies with high salaries.

There is a basic free plan, but a paid premium plan may be required to apply to certain job postings. 

The Ladders is the best job site for: 

  • Managers, executives, and experienced professionals
  • Serious job seekers
  • Jobs in highly competitive markets
  • Six-figure salaries


For more than 20 years and with over 100 million registered job seekers, Snagajob has been helping Americans find new jobs that pay by the hour. With part-time, full-time, and remote roles in customer service, healthcare, sales, food, and hospitality, it’s easy and free to use. 

Snagajob is the best job site for:

  • Hourly jobs
  • Part-time jobs
  • USA based jobs

Industry-Specific Job Boards

There are also a ton of industry-specific job boards out there that are easy to find with a quick search online. Although it’s impossible to include them all, here are a few of the best job sites to search for jobs within specific sectors: 

Choosing the Best Job Sites Can Make or Break Your Career!

Choosing the best job sites to use is yet another thing you’ll need to consider during your job search. Don’t let the wrong job sites hold you back! Knowing the right place to look will make your search easier and more successful. 

What are you waiting for? Start making real progress in your job search today! Best of luck!

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