You deserve to be happy.
But not having money or a meaningful career path often means our lives are mediocre at best.


Quote box: Making a living is not the same thing as making a life by Maya Angelou

Is your life not going how you planned?

Your job sucks. You have no career path. Maybe you don’t have a job at all.

You have no money. But a lot of debt. You are struggling to make ends meet.

And are beyond stressed out by it all.

You look around and think to yourself with a sigh, “Well, this is my life, I guess…

Don’t settle. I’m going to help you live the life you want!

Hi, I’m Amanda!


Yup, I’ve been there, too!

Between quitting my “dream job” that turned toxic, being laid off, wrongfully fired, underemployed, or miserable at work, I’ve spent more than a decade job searching. (And have the debt to prove it.)

But being unemployed and facing these struggles actually worked to my advantage and helped me create a life with meaning.

How? I now work as an Employment Specialist, where my job is to help people like YOU find a job you’ll love!

I’ve also been blogging right here about career and personal finance since 2011.

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What readers like you have to say!

“Amanda who runs this site is refreshingly honest and wants to support those of us that turn to her for advice about not being able to find jobs and how to cope with being out of work. Things are getting better for me with this help!”
Amy N.

“Amanda, Thank you for your quick response. My mood has improved with your support. I am quickly implementing your process to get to my next job.”
Rodney M.

“Reading your blog felt like I was reading my own thoughts. Thank you for this post and for being raw and real. It has given me the push I needed.”
Heather P.

“My Life, I Guess presents a plethora of useful, real-life personal finance content. Amanda will help you realize that “we’ve all been there.” And more importantly, that there’s a path forward. Big fan of My Life, I Guess and the actionable content there.”
Jesse C.

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