Multi-Generation Family Sitting On Sofa At Home

19 Signs You’re Doing Everything Better Than You Think

It’s easy to feel like you’re not measuring up to those around you. Everyone else seems to be cruising by, living these Instrgram-worthy lives. But not you. You’re stressed out, eating leftover pizza next to a pile of dirty dishes, wondering if you submitted that report to your boss or …

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woman sitting on kitchen table working from home

How to Thrive Working From Home Without Falling Victim to Its Pitfalls

The shift towards working from home has transformed how we approach our careers, offering unparalleled flexibility but also presenting unique challenges. This transition dramatically affects work-life balance, productivity, and even our mental health. Many grapple with finding the right balance between remote work’s freedom and the potential for isolation and …

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woman looking outside thinking with tablet

20 Subtle Signs of High Intelligence

High intelligence comes in many forms. It could be an exceptional understanding of things, creativity, logical reasoning, or problem-solving skills.  When we talk about “intelligence,” people often see it as book smarts, although there is much more to it. So, I researched the different kinds of intelligence to crack the …

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alone man waiting for job interview in empty hallway

Employers Can’t Find Enough People To Fill These 20 Jobs 

Worldwide, there’s a growing divide between the jobs employers must fill and the number of available workers with the necessary skills to do the job. The mismatch often leads to many open positions desperately seeking suitable candidates.  Innovations in technology, an aging workforce, and education curriculums that do not align …

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hands up during womans presentation

26 Simple But Effective Ways to Invest in Yourself

When you invest time, money, and effort in yourself, you’re really investing in your future. Prioritizing your health, personal growth, and career is the best way to have a prosperous life. Anything you do to better yourself will improve your skills and abilities, making you a more valuable employee, a …

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pretty young woman extending handshake

20 Reasons Why Getting a Job Has Nothing to Do With Your Qualifications

Qualifications and achievements have long been considered the cornerstone of professional worth and capability. However, as the job market continues to evolve, these standards are changing.  While qualifications play a part in getting a job, they’re not the only factor. Here’s why your qualifications might not be the deciding factor …

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job interview going badly

Avoid Making These 7 Huge Job Searching Mistakes

Job hunting is a long and frustrating process. The trouble is, some people make finding a job much harder for themselves than it needs to be. Regardless of whether you’re looking for your first job, stuck in a job you hate, have recently become unemployed, or are looking for a …

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woman with headphones taking notes off laptop

12 In-Demand Tech Jobs That Don’t Involve Coding

Tech is not for everyone but clearly this is an industry that isn’t going away anytime soon. If you are interested working in tech, but aren’t a coder or computer programmer, don’t worry – there are plenty of routes in. And the timing couldn’t be better. The industry is facing …

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woman with hands in prayer pose at her laptop

15 Mindfulness Hacks to Make Work Days More Bearable

Distractions can be inevitable in a busy work environment. How do you stay focused and present while bombarded with emails, ringing phones, various tasks, and people coming and going? Mindfulness, which is all about being present and engaged in the moment, can help you overcome these distractions. Incorporating mindfulness into …

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man looking at resume in job interview

14 Ways To Get Resume Help For Free

There are endless amounts of resume tips and tricks out there – no wonder people are intimidated to write one on their own. But it’s really not that difficult. If you are a good match for the role, making a strong resume will be a snap. Your resume is not …

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