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Recruiters Share the Top 8 Reasons They Trash Resumes

Your resume has less than 30 seconds to stand out from the hundreds of other applicants. If successful, it has a 2% chance of getting an interview. You need to make it count. With the vast amount of resumes that recruiters have to sift through, they don’t have the time …

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The Top 10 Work Perks Employees Actually Want

We’ve all seen the posts online about some company throwing their employees a pizza party to celebrate their record profits instead of handing out raises. But frills like pizza parties and pool tables aren’t enough to keep employees happy. Of course, a good paycheck makes a job more appealing, but …

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50 Fun Jobs That Will Make Work Exciting Again

If you’re looking for a fun job that pays well, look no further. This list has 50 options for you to consider. Whether you’re interested in fashion, food, or something else entirely, there’s sure to be something on this list for you. And who knows, maybe one will be your …

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The 1 Surprising Detail You Need to Remove from Your Resume Now

When it comes to writing a resume, there is no shortage of advice out there. The problem is that if you ask 100 different people how to write the perfect resume, you will get 100 different answers. For example, one person may insist that you include an objective statement, while the …

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18 Reasons Why No One is Hiring You (And How to Fix It)

Job searching can be a long process that requires a lot of patience. If you have been applying for new jobs for months without any luck, you can’t help but wonder, “Why won’t anyone hire me?” Well, there are numerous possibilities as to why you can’t find a job. The good …

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10 Warning Signs That Scream It’s Time to Find a New Job

When it comes to our careers, there are some jobs that you should keep until retirement and some that you should leave immediately. Determining your place on this scale can be difficult, as most jobs fall somewhere between these two extremes. Every role will have pros and cons, as well …

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19 Tips to Network Your Way to a New Job Using Social Media

There is a lot of information on the internet. Social media offers you a chance to focus on your interests and find what is relevant to you, including ways to reach your career goals. If you are looking for a new job, social media is an extraordinary tool for building …

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These 100+ Companies Hire Felons and People with a Criminal Record

Finding a job is challenging in itself. Finding a job when you have a criminal record or a felony is even more difficult. But it’s not impossible. Unfortunately, some companies will discriminate against anyone who has been incarcerated or convicted of a crime, even if there are legislatures in place …

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15 Summer Jobs with Big Paychecks

Summer break is just around the corner, and getting a summer job is a great way to make the most of the season. You can use your free time to learn new skills and make money, which, if you are a student, you will need to pay for school. If …

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