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Let’s be real. Job searching can really suck sometimes!

If you find yourself job searching, it either means you’re currently unemployed, under-employed, unhappy with your job, or entering the workforce for the first time. All of which can be scary situations to be in. (I’ve experienced all 4 myself!)

When you do land a job, what’s next?

Once you are hired, how do you manage the work politics? Or cope with stress and burn-out? What do you need to do in order to be successful and advance in your career? Or maybe it’s time to change careers altogether?

You deserve to be happy at work!

No matter what stage you’re at, navigating your job search and your career path can be complicated and confusing. A job you once loved might no longer align with your interests and values. Your “dream job” might not actually be dreamy at all. Or, as we’ve recently seen happen on a large global-scale, companies sometimes close or change their operations. Lay-offs and job loss can happen any time, even to the best of us. (These are all things I’ve personally experienced, too!)

I’ve spent over a decade job searching.

In the last 10 years, I’ve had 11 different jobs. (Often balancing more than one job at a time.) Yet, surprisingly, being unemployed and job searching all that time actually helped me figure out what the right career path is for me. And that’s helping other people find jobs!

That’s right! I do this sort of thing professionally now, and have been for the last few years. By day, I work at an employment center, where my job is to help other people find jobs. 

But why limit myself to only helping people from my community when there is a whole community online, full of people from all over the world who need career advice and support with finding a job they love?

That’s why I’ve taken my expertise and experience to create a Free Resource Library, full of career-related materials and information that are available to everyone!

What’s Included in the Resource Library?

In addition to the articles I have published about career advice, money management, and surviving unemployment, the Resource Library is full of the tools you need to help you land a new job – whether it’s your first job, a career change, or something in between – as well as information and supports for navigating your career and being happy at work. These include:


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Want a Sneak Peak?

Here’s a free preview of a few of the Resources offered in the Library to get you started

500+ Descriptive Words to Help With Your Job Search

500+ Descriptive Words to Help With Your Job Search

It’s easy to get stuck when it comes to describing your personality, your work style, and your interpersonal skills. Whether it’s on your resume, in your cover letter, during an interview, or part of your “elevator pitch”, here are 500+ positive adjectives and descriptive words that you can use to help with your job search.

Find the Right Words Now!

Does Your Resume Pass the 6 Second Glance Test?

They say that recruiters look at your resume for an average of only 6 seconds. To help your resume pass the glace test, make sure it meets all of these points. For a more in-depth analysis and information on “how to”, please check out the following article: How to Get Your Resume Past the 6 Second Glance Test

Does Your Resume Pass the Test?

How to Include Your Side Hustle on Your Resume: The Ultimate Guide

Do you have a side hustle? Is it on your resume? It should be! When you scrutinize everything that side hustling entails, it quickly becomes clear as to why you should include it on your resume. It will enhance your candidacy, help you stand out amongst the other applicants, and hopefully land you an awesome new job!

Gimme the Guide Please!

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