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From navigating job searches, learning new skills, overcoming unemployment, and dealing with debt, My Life, I Guess has been a go-to resource for career guidance and financial stability since 2013.

This is My Life, I Guess…

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We’re committed to providing the free support and resources you need to thrive in life, not just survive

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To empower individuals, regardless of their background, to overcome career and financial challenges, providing personal insights, actionable guidance, and valuable resources for achieving professional and financial fulfillment

Meet Amanda Kay

Employment Specialist, Syndicated Career Journalist, Founder of My Life, I Guess

Hi, I’m Amanda Kay! As an employment specialist with over a decade of experience, I’ve skillfully navigated the complexities of the job market. From overcoming challenges like leaving a toxic “dream job” to dealing with unemployment and wrongful termination, my firsthand encounters equips me with unique insights to guide and inspire others facing similar career hurdles.

As the owner and author of My Life, I Guess, founded in 2013, I openly share my expertise, with a focus on the human aspect of personal finance and career development. I have personally assisted over 3,500 individuals like you find jobs, create resumes, change careers, learn new skills, and better their lives.

My expertise and relatable approach have been featured in trusted publications such as the AP newswire, MSN, Credit.com, Yahoo! Finance, the Ladders and Fairygodboss.

What You’ll Find on My Life, I Guess

Explore expert career guidance on job market skills, productivity, personal growth, side hustles, and other diverse work opportunities so you can live life on your terms

Gain valuable job search support by delving into resume and cover letter tips, discovering effective job interview preparation techniques, and mastering common interview questions and answers

From breaking free from living paycheck to paycheck to saving more, spending wisely, tackling debt, and enhancing your overall financial well-being, we’ve got you covered

Here, you’ll learn about self-care and managing your mental health, personal development, as well as finding a work-life balance that hopefully includes a nice vacation or two

About Our Contributors

I publish articles from other talented writers that are more knowledgeable than I am on certain topics. This is so I can bring you the best and most accurate content that I can. I don’t accept posts from just anyone, though. Most of these authors are part of the Insiders mastermind, and are experts in their fields.

Author biographies are included at the bottom of each post to tell you more about their specific credentials and where else you can find their work.

This is the story of My Life, I Guess

Who you get your information from matters, so let me tell you a little more about the history of this site.

The short version is that my first “real” job turned out to be a complete nightmare. To cope, I started blogging about what I was going through. What it was really like being unemployed. How humiliating it was to apply for minimum-wage jobs and then not even get an interview. And what all that meant to my finances.

Unsurprisingly, I found a lot of people who could relate.

So, I kept writing and decided to take this little hobby blog (which started in July 2011) a little more seriously. In April 2013, My Life, I Guess debuted.

Between dead-end jobs, being unemployed, under-employed, and miserable at work, I spent most of my 20s and 30s job searching, desperate to find the right fit. Little did I know how valuable spending all that time applying for jobs would actually be. Or that it would teach me the skills and experience I’d soon need to qualify for a life-changing job.

In 2018, I accepted the role of an Employment Specialist, where I help other people find jobs. I get paid to write resumes, match job seekers with open vacancies, and give other unemployed and under-employed people the same advice and encouragement that I had been getting myself. And naturally started to write more about it, too.

But it was not easy getting here. For years, I kept going in the wrong direction, especially with my debt. Instead of reducing it, it just kept adding up. I had to learn pretty quickly how to make a paycheck last and started freelance writing to help make ends meet.

Life likes to keep things interesting, though, so I’m going to keep sharing my advice, my struggles, and hopefully my successes right here on my little piece of the internet. After all, this is my life, I guess…

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While I hope the content found on my site is informative and entertaining, I am not a personal finance expert. So if you came here looking for advice on dividend investing or how long-term capital gains are taxed, I’m sorry, but you are in the wrong place. 

I’m also not a mental health professional, but I am willing to listen and offer my support and advice. Please seek professional financial or mental health advice if you need it.

To keep content on My Life, I Guess free, some articles contain affiliate links or sponsored content. I may be compensated if you use these links, at no extra cost to you.