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How to Answer Common Job Interview Questions

Congratulations! You’ve landed a job interview. Are you feeling nervous about how to answer common interview questions? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many job seekers struggle with knowing how to respond clearly and confidently.

It’s time to prepare for the big day and ensure that you’re fully equipped to impress your potential employer. But, where do you start?

Here, we’ll guide you through how to answer some of the most frequently asked interview questions.

With our expert advice, you’ll be able to showcase your skills, experience, and personality in the best possible light and increase your chances of landing the job you’ve been dreaming of. Complete with tips and examples to help you shine in your next interview, let’s dive in and prepare you for interview success!

Common Job Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

Tell Me About Yourself.

Can you walk me through your resume?
What can you tell me about your work history and achievements?

“Tell me about yourself” is often an interviewer’s first question. It’s a simple question but one of the most difficult to answer. How do you answer it without sounding arrogant or boring?

What Makes You the Best Candidate for the Job?

Why should we hire you?
Why do you deserve this job?

How you answer this one question can make or break the entire interview. Answer it well, and you’ve got the job. Stumble over your words or freeze, and your job search will continue.

What Makes You Unique?

What makes you the perfect choice for this position?
If we hire you, what can you do for us that another person can’t?

Employers want to know what talents and strengths you feel you can bring to their open job position. Asking applicants this question can help interviewers narrow their list of top candidates, so you better have a solid answer.

Why Are You Interested In This Position?

Why do you think you’re a good fit for this role?
Why do you want to work here?

This question is one of the most common interview questions that hiring managers ask and is intentionally vague and open-ended.

Are You a Great Match for This Role?

What do you bring to this position that sets you apart from other candidates?
Why do you think you’re the best candidate for this job?

It’s not enough to just think of your strengths and weaknesses. To answer this question well, the key to any successful interview is methodical research.

Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?

Why are you no longer with your previous employer?
Tell me about your reasons for job hunting.

The reason for leaving a job may be hard to explain to a potential new employer, but you have to find the right words to use so you don’t ruin your chance of getting the job.

EQ or Emotional Intelligence Questions

Tell me about a time when…
Describe a situation where you…
How do you handle…

You’d be wrong if you think your IQ is the only thing interviewers care about. Employers increasingly use EQ questions in the interview to assess your EQ or emotional intelligence.

Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

What would you like to know about our organization or the position you’re interviewing for?

The questions you ask during a job interview are just as important as your answers. They show the interviewer that you are interested in the position. But what should you ask?

What Are Your Salary Expectations?

What kind of compensation are you aiming for?
What is your salary requirement for this job?

Learn how to negotiate salaries confidently without seeming pushy. The following salary negotiation tips will help.

Sell Me This Pen.

How you would sell this pen to a customer?
Pitch this software solution to me.

If you’re interviewing for a sales position, you probably already know that the hiring manager may give you a pen (or another item) to sell them. How you perform on your first unofficial practical assignment will matter greatly.

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