Amanda Kay

Amanda Kay is an employment specialist, writer, syndicated career and personal finance journalist and direct publisher from Ontario, Canada. She helps others find jobs, create resumes, change careers, learn new skills, and manage their money.

Employment Specialist

with the Ontario Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development since 2018

Syndicated Career Journalist

with bylines on AP newswire, BLOX Digital (formerly TownNews) and more Direct Publisher

and Trusted Community Partner since August 2022

Founder of My Life, I Guess

a career and personal finance website owned and operated by Amanda Kay since 2011

Author & Editor at Wealth of Geeks

upholding high standards of journalism and professionalism for millions of monthly readers

Featured On

dozens of websites and media outlets, including Ladders, Business Insiders,, Yahoo! Finance, Fairygodboss and more


Career Guidance, Job Searching, Upskilling, Personal Development, and Money Management

Amanda Kay, an Employment Specialist and dedicated career journalist, has spent over a decade navigating the intricacies of the job market. From leaving a toxic “dream job” to grappling with unemployment, wrongful termination, and debt, Amanda’s personal experiences uniquely position her to guide and inspire others facing similar challenges.

In her role as an Employment Specialist, Amanda utilizes her extensive firsthand knowledge of career transitions to assist individuals in finding jobs they genuinely love. By sharing her own journey through the ups and downs of employment, Amanda provides a relatable and empathetic perspective, offering valuable insights and practical advice to those seeking to improve their professional lives.

Through her website, My Life, I Guess, founded in 2011, Amanda shares her story and expertise, focusing on the human aspect of personal finance and career development. She strives to keep the “person” in personal finance by discussing debt, paycheck-to-paycheck living, and the struggles of unemployment. Amanda’s site has become a trusted resource for career guidance and financial stability, impacting readers worldwide.

Amanda Kay’s passion for helping individuals overcome employment obstacles and achieve their career goals, combined with her authentic and relatable approach, establishes her as a trustworthy and authoritative voice in the realm of career advice and personal finance. Her insights are sought after by reputable publications, affirming her status as a reputable and valuable writer for anyone seeking to navigate the professional world and achieve their aspirations.

career and money articles published
bylines on various websites
years navigating the job market
job seekers successfully supported

Short Bio

Amanda Kay, the founder of My Life, I Guess, provides valuable career advice and support for anyone striving to make a living and make a life. Whether it’s navigating job searches, learning new skills, overcoming unemployment, or dealing with debt, My Life, I Guess has been a go-to resource for career guidance and financial stability since 2013. Amanda’s expertise and relatable approach have been featured in trusted publications such as MSN,, Yahoo! Finance, the Ladders and Fairygodboss.

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