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While I will do my best to provide accurate and up-to-date information, I am a career specialist, and not a personal finance or mental health expert. Please seek professional advice if needed.

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Guest Posts: I only accept original guest posts from knowledgeable writers that I know. If this is what you’re looking for, I highly suggest checking out The Money Mix Insiders Blogging Network, which I am a proud member of. They provide numerous guest posting opportunities (on sites with DAs ranging from 30-85), as well as many other ways to grow your blog.

I do not accept “guest posts” or infographics from freelancers and marketers working to build backlinks for a client.

Sponsored Posts: I accept posts from non-personal websites for a paid advertisement or sponsorship fee, on a limited basis, only if it’s relevant to the content on my site and provides value for my audience.

Other Projects & Advertising: Do you have another project or partnership opportunity in mind? There are advertising options available on this website, including reviews, display ads, giveaways, and affiliate marketing. I’d be happy to discuss any opportunities you have that is relevant to my audience.

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