Top 12 Remote Careers Perfect for New Grads Who Prefer Working From Home

Lots of people want to work remotely, especially new graduates entering the workforce for the first time. But finding an entry-level remote job isn’t easy. There is high employee demand for these roles, yet business owners are still unsure about it and prefer to have people in the office.

This disconnect adds to the difficulty young workers already face when trying to find their first job after graduating – one that suits their skills and lifestyle and doesn’t pay ridiculously low wages.

Not all hope is lost, though.

FlexJobs analyzed its database of job postings and determined the industries with the highest number of remote, entry-level jobs in 2024. Focusing your job search on one of these fields can improve your odds of securing a promising entry-level job that you can do from home while starting your career on the right path.

1. Customer Service Jobs

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Surprising no one, customer service is once again the entry-level job with the most remote roles available. It’s easy to do from home since all you need is a computer and phone, and companies always need people to help keep their customers happy.

Customer service has historically been an easy-to-get entry-level job, but the pay and workload vary drastically. However, finding the right fit is easier since there are many vacancies and different organizations to work for. Plus, you are not limited by geography and can work for international companies, not just local ones.

Working in customer service is a great way to get your foot in the door and learn more about the intricacies of the organization, which can help you advance into higher roles.

2. Bilingual Roles

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Speaking more than one language is a skill that’s growing in demand as the world becomes more interconnected. According to the FlexJobs report, it’s the second-highest category with remote, entry-level positions available.

There are plenty of different career paths bilingual or multilingual people can pursue, starting with customer service, sales, translating documents, and working as an interpreter.

3. Sales

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People shop online, so it makes sense that there are a lot of online sales jobs. In this role, you engage with customers virtually and drive sales through various platforms, like e-commerce sites, social media, and other marketplaces.

If you’re good with people, have strong communication skills, and are persuasive, online sales might be the perfect fit. This can be a very lucrative career track with the potential to earn commissions.

4. Accounting and Finance Jobs

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Economic and accounting grads will be happy to know they have a lot of remote work opportunities in their field. These include tax preparation, billing specialists, account clerks, financial planning, auditing, data entry, and more, meaning you have several paths to choose from.

5. Information Technology Professionals

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Another industry with consistent entry-level remote opportunities is IT. This, too, has several different entry-level paths, like website development, cyber-security, systems administration, and everyone’s favorite – tech support.

If you’re skilled at navigating technology and enjoy problem-solving, you could help a business operate successfully from your kitchen table.

6. Administative Roles

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Since most administrative tasks are computer-based, they lend themselves well to remote work setups. What these specific tasks are depends on the company and job title, but they generally include helping with day-to-day operations, like answering or forwarding emails, booking appointments, generating reports, and updating records.

If you like spreadsheets, are detail-oriented, and organized, consider this career path; it isn’t going away anytime soon.

7. Health and Medical Professionals

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People are living longer; celebrating a 100th birthday is no longer uncommon. Coupled with our growing population, the need for medical care has never been greater.

Access to health and medical services from home has been a welcomed and much-needed change. Underserved communities can get professional support, and sick or injured people don’t have to leave their houses. And neither do you.

From home, you could work directly with patients as a telehealth assistant, remote patient monitor, or patient educator or in a support role, such as records, insurance, scheduling, or billing.

8. Business Development

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A new addition to the top 10 list, business developers contribute to a company’s strategic growth. Their specialties include marketing, market research, sales, and customer care. They may also be responsible for recruiting and supervising.

Depending on the business size, you may be responsible for all these things or might only focus on one area. But they can all be completed remotely.

Grads who majored in business administration, international business, marketing, sales, finance, economics, or entrepreneurship will have the skills and foundation needed to thrive in these roles.

9. Account Management

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Account management is another new role that has made it into the top 10 best remote entry-level jobs. It focuses on building and maintaining relationships with clients and customers.

Recent graduates might find this career appealing due to its hands-on experience interacting with clients, potential to advance into more senior roles, and diverse skills they will acquire, such as problem-solving, communication, and relationship-building.

10. Bookkeeping Roles

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Bookkeeping was one of the first areas to offer work-from-home opportunities, as many organizations found outsourcing this role more cost-effective than having someone in the office full-time. So, finding remote bookkeeping jobs isn’t too difficult.

One of the most appealing aspects of this job is that you can be a self-employed bookkeeper and don’t have to work for one specific company. You can earn as much as you want with the right skills, a strong work ethic, and happy clients.

11. Marketing

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Although it fell out of the top 10 in 2024, Marketing held the #9 spot on FlexJob’s list in 2023 and still shows promise as an entry-level job that can be done from home. Expect to design graphics, write copy, develop and implement social media campaigns, conduct market research, and analyze sales data.

Of course, marketing majors are strong candidates for these roles, but anyone with a background in communication, design, digital media, or business can also excel in remote marketing positions.

12. HR and Recruiting

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If you enjoy the job searching process, you might like working as a remote recruiter or HR rep. It is one of the most in-demand entry-level jobs, and there are abundant opportunities to find one that allows you to work from home. (It was #10 on last year’s list.)

Recruiters are responsible for finding the right candidate to fill a vacancy by screening resumes, conducting interviews, managing applications, and even negotiating job offers.

Remote human resources roles might include recruiting or focus on onboarding, benefits administration, employee records, training and development, or general administrative support.

Tips to Find a Remote Entry-Level Job

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Job searching is tough. So is getting hired as a new grad. And trying to find a remote job. Combining all three elements creates an even bigger challenge, but it is possible with determination and the right approach.

“Finding an entry-level job takes time, planning, and persistence, especially in today’s changing career landscape,” said Keith Spencer, Career Expert at FlexJobs.

Focus on writing a strong resume tailored to the job you are applying for. Research companies that hire remote workers and use job boards specializing in remote roles like Flexjobs and Update your social media profiles and LinkedIn. Start reviewing common interview questions and preparing your answers. Keep learning and building your skills.

But most importantly, be patient and don’t give up. Your first job will set the foundation of your professional experience, so don’t underestimate its importance.

“We hope this list of promising careers helps new grads and entry-level workers better identify and connect to the available work opportunities shaping today’s remote work marketplace,” Spencer adds.

Get Free Resume Help

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Writing an effective resume is not something you can quickly throw together. Employers have certain expectations when screening resumes, and you need to meet them if you want an interview. You don’t have to do this alone, though. New grads and job seekers from all backgrounds can get free resume help online or in person.

What To Do If You Can’t Find a Job

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It takes time to find a new job. But if you’re not hearing back after sending out multiple applications or worse, only hearing “no thanks” after interviews, the panic might begin to set in. Here is my expert advice on what to do when you can’t find a job, with strategies and suggestions on how to improve your chances of getting hired.

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