How To Enjoy Traveling On A Budget In 5 Minutes (Or Less)

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A large percentage of Americans – 43% to be exact – say they can’t afford to travel. It often seems exotic, expensive, and thus totally unattainable for those that are still in college, working entry level, or paying off student loans.

Whatever brought you to your current financial situation, don’t let it discourage you. It’s more than possible to travel while on a budget, and by the time you’re done reading this, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to do exactly that.

Choose the Best Method of Transport

Once you’ve settled on where you’d like to go, you need to decide on how to get there. Driving is typically the cheaper option when you own your own vehicle, even when adding in gas, snacks/meals, and lodging if needed.

Still, every once in a while it might be about the same cost to fly, so check out that option too – just to be sure. If you don’t have the most reliable vehicle, consider options like bussing or car rental.

Narrow Your Focus

Choosing your method of transportation is pretty straightforward once you have all the info you need. What can be a little more tricky is deciding what exactly, you want to do on your trip.

Local cuisine, shows, sights; all of these things can add up. If you narrow your activity down to the things you’ll enjoy most, you’ll reduce your total cost for the trip, and have more appreciation for the things you partake in.

Think quality over quantity. Plus with the money you save on conventional touristy options, you can enjoy festivals, street food, and other options that offer more local cultural bang for your buck.

Look into Free Lodging

Speaking of culture, no one can give you a better taste of it than the locals. If your proverbial purse strings are exceptionally tight, consider the option for completely free lodging by staying at someone’s home. You may get a bed, an air mattress, or an actual sofa – it varies. But hey, a nice local lets you have a place to sleep for the night at no cost, plus it’s a great way to make new friends and experience the area and culture up close. This isn’t a new, crazy thing, either; there’s a whole host of websites that connect travelers with locals for this purpose.

Traveling may still be considered a luxury, but it doesn’t have to cost a decadent price. Exploring a new place or rediscovering an old one is a great way to have a life-enriching experience, and that, my friends, is what really makes a person wealthy.

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