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Trash Your Expenses, Not the Planet with a Zero-Waste Home

Many people choose zero-waste lifestyles for their positive impact on the planet. Committing to producing less waste means lower levels of garbage in landfills and oceans and better preservation of the earth’s limited resources. Beyond helping the planet, maintaining a zero-waste home can benefit your wallet. Here are a few …

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Despite Inflation, These 24 Items Actually Cost Less Today

Inflation is really testing our budgets lately, but it’s not all bad news. Even though prices are going up overall, some surprising things are actually getting cheaper. With the annual inflation rate for the United States being 3.5% from March 2023 to 2024, you are probably looking for a way …

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woman saving money with piggy bank at home

How Much Should I Have in Savings? Your Guide to Financial Security

A solid financial foundation is crucial for long-term stability and peace of mind. An adequate amount of savings is critical to building this strong foundation. You may need to save for many goals, including college fees, emergencies, a down payment for your home, and, last but not least, your retirement. …

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10 Effortless Ways to Save More Money

Are you searching for ways to save cash? Who isn’t? While visiting an online finance forum, I discovered an insightful question with helpful answers: “What are some tips and tricks to save money?” Here is how they responded. 1. Drink as Much Water as Possible Drinking water instead of expensive …

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The 11 Money-Saving Tips Gen Z & Millennials Swear By

Looking for the best money-saving tips in these tough times? Well, your search is over! Someone recently turned to the internet asking for advice on saving money, and here are the top-voted recommendations from the community that Gen Z’ers and millennials will truly appreciate. 1. Delete Your Food Service Apps …

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I Saved $1000 in Just 30 Days (And You Can Too!)

It’s no secret that things have been hard with the economy lately. A lot of people are having a hard time making ends meet. Don’t worry if you’re one of these people; you’re not the only one. I decided we needed to buckle down and saved $1,000 in just one …

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Don’t Let Bills Haunt You: 5 Proven Money-Saving Hacks

Taking control of your savings is a great way to get on track financially. There are plenty of options for how to save money and it is important that you find the best way that works for you and your income. You can try just one method of saving or …

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