10 Effortless Money-Saving Tips and Tricks

Are you searching for ways to save cash? Who isn’t? While visiting an online finance forum, I discovered an insightful question with helpful answers: “What are some tips and tricks to save money?” Here is how they responded.

1. Drink as Much Water as Possible

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Drinking water instead of expensive sugary beverages is additionally a health tip. One user says they are grateful their parents never allowed sweets and soda as a kid. They further confessed they love some soda pops but doesn’t crave them as an adult, so they’re rarely consumed.

2. Stop Eating Out and Using Food Delivery Services

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I always regret spending money on Uber Eats or Door Dash. They charge more for the food, add service fees, delivery fees, and tips, and before you know it, it’s $42 for a sandwich.

A former restaurant connoisseur confesses that people who tip told her to stop eating out if you hate tipping. So she followed their advice and saved loads of money. “No more tipping for me.”

3. Get Yourself a Good Coffee Maker and Bean Grinder

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Investing in a good coffee grinder and maker or espresso machine will save outside-of-the-home coffee drinkers a bundle. It’s not difficult, and several coffee enthusiasts express they prefer the homemade cappuccino over espresso from coffee chains.

4. Keep a Few Emergency Pizzas

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To avoid spending a small fortune on pizza delivery, one user suggests keeping some $5 frozen pizzas stocked to satisfy that craving. Bonus, toss your own toppings and cheese on top to take it to another level of satisfaction.

5. Never Shop Impulsively

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Shopping impulsively with ADHD, ugh, send help. So I agree with one user’s advice. She says she developed a “habit of rarely shopping impulsively.” Instead, she takes time to think before purchasing and affords herself enjoyable things that produce “a temporary euphoric boost.”

6. Start a Monthly Budget

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Budgeting is the first step toward financial freedom and a savings account. A number of contributors in the thread say to get your monthly bank and credit card statements and tally your income versus spending. Then, track your spending, and decide where to reduce spending. There are tons of budgeting apps, and many still do it the old-fashioned spreadsheet way with Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

7. Cut Back on Your Monthly Subscriptions

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Cutting down on subscriptions is a quick and easy way to save money. Unfortunately, it feels like it’s only $5 here and $12 there, and then $120 later; you might as well have a cable bill! Identify all your monthly subscriptions and cut the ones you don’t use. Several free TV and movie apps exist, including Pluto TV and Tubi.

8. Shop Deals and Buy Store Brand

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“Shop deals, price match, and go to multiple grocery stores.” This user says they save a ton of money by choosing store brand products, shopping sales, and visiting different stores for better deals. For example, Costco is awesome for toilet paper and rotisserie chickens. However, Aldi beats them on several individual items of smaller quantities.

9. Invest in a Deep Chest Freezer

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A chest freezer is your best friend for buying in bulk and meal prep. Toss in a vacuum sealer, and you’ll begin to see savings, according to many frugal users in the thread. Additionally, to save energy and ensure your food stays good during a power outage, fill milk jugs with water and place them in the bottom. This also allows easier access to food, as no one wants to dig all the way to the bottom.

10. Find a Cheap Hobby

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Finally, find a hobby that doesn’t cost a lot of money but that you genuinely enjoy. “A hobby where you buy and reuse an item several times is golden.” For example, grab some hiking boots and start hiking, or get a used guitar and hit YouTube.

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