Two Job Offers, Which One Do I Pick - My Life, I GuessA few weeks ago, I was faced with a problem. A lucky problem, but a problem no less.

I was in a situation I’ve never been in before, and wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I asked people for advice, discussed it at length with R, researched what I could online, and made numerous “pro and con” lists to try to help me make the right decision.

Instead of being rejected (once again) for a full-time job that I was perfect for – I turned down their job offer.


Well in case the title of the post didn’t already tip you off: I was offered 2 full-time jobs at the same time!

After what I’ve experienced these last couple of years – 100s of unanswered applications, dozens of unsuccessful interviews, 3 part-time minimum wage jobs, and an unbelievable amount of stress – being offered 2 great jobs seemed like an impossible dream come true.

I had become too accustom to accepting whatever position was offered to me – part-time, minimum wage, babysitting, whatever.


Having a Cold Is Expensive - My Life, I GuessI spent the first 2 weeks in June with the worst cold I’ve ever had.

Worse then when I was working at the drop-in daycare and was basically sick the whole time. At least that cold was manageable with over the counter medication.

Medication, however, did nothing to tame this latest cold. I was lucky to get maybe 20 minutes of relief off of each dose, despite trying several different brands.

I’m not sure who I caught this cold from, but I’m guessing it came from one of the kids at my after-school childcare job. Even though “my kids” were all school-aged children who are a little more immune to infections and a lot more independent, I would often end up helping with the pre-schoolers, where there’s a lot more direct contact with toddlers and infants who get sick a lot easier and a lot more often.

It started off with just a minor sore throat. I still went into work, but lost my voice over the course of my 3 hour shift.


What's $1 Worth To You? - My Life, I GuessIt was one of those cold, rainy days where winter couldn’t decide if it was coming or going. The freezing rain felt like it could turn to snow any minute, and the ground was one giant slush puddle.

Despite the weather and my lack of owning proper winter boots, R and I were out running a few errands.

While we were out, we decided at the last minute to pick up a few groceries from the discount grocery store in the strip-mall. We were already there, and this way we could hibernate for the rest of the miserable (weather-wise) weekend.

Inside the grocery store, the mood was no better. We were cold, and wet, and it seemed like everyone around us was just as grumpy as we were. The glaring florescent lights and bright yellow colour scheme within the store only made things worse. We were not having a good time.

Because we weren’t originally planning to go to the grocery store, I had parked farther away than I normally would have.


Pretending to be Positive - My Life, I GuessThere’s a common belief that there’s power in positive thinking. That having a positive attitude brings happiness and success.

I’m a pretty negative person. I wish I weren’t, but I am.

I’ve been conscious of this fact for many, many years and have made attempts in the past to be more of an optimist. But then life would throw me a curveball (sometimes it’d be something big, oftentimes it’d be something small) and I’d be right back to my old pessimistic ways.

With my struggles to find a good job, and having to settle for less than I’m capable of at a fraction of the pay I used to make, I don’t think anyone would be surprised to learn that these last 2 years have left me feeling particularly negative – especially when it comes to my career, my finances, and my self-worth.

I’ve been extremely lucky to have R, my fiancé, on my side through all of this. He’s been the more positive one in our relationship.


It's a Job Not a Career - My Life, I GuessBack in December, things were looking pretty bleak for us financially. I mean even more-so than things have been over the last 2 years.

Because of the Christmas holidays, I was off work for over 2 weeks, meaning my already small income was cut in half. We were already behind on paying our bills. We couldn’t afford to do anything for Christmas. And worse yet, the early January strike deadline at R’s work was quickly approaching with no resolution in sight.

We needed a back-up plan in case the strike happened. We needed more money. And we needed it fast.


A New Job?

I finally caught a bit of a break, and landed an interview with another childcare centre in town. It went really well, and by mid-December I was offered a full-time job at a preschool!

At first, I was really excited by the prospect of working full-time again. But as I learned more about the job and the specifics of this position, I started to get this gut feeling that this wasn’t the right move for me.