Uncover Your Potential With 11 Free Career Personality Tests You Can’t Afford to Miss

Finding a career is one of the most daunting tasks an adult can face. Adults change career paths between 3-7 times throughout their lives.

A lot of those who are successful in their careers have taken a career personality test at least once to find which path best suits them.

Starting your career or considering a career change is a huge step, but you may not know which job you want to pursue. These sites can help you find what you enjoy doing and show you what career suits your abilities, education, and experience.

You may even find a career option you thought you would never try before. These tests can open up new doors to opportunities for those in search of them.

Below is a list of free career personality tests to help you find the right career path that is best for you.

1. Truity

Truity is free to use and contains 94 questions. It will take 10 – 15 minutes to complete.

Truity’s Career Personality Profiler will help match you to the right career based on more than just your education and experience.

While you do not have to purchase or create an account on this website to take the test and see your results, you can purchase a more thorough and complete report of your results for a small price.

This test is based on the Holland Code and the Big Five systems to give the most accurate and in-depth career results.

2. CareerFitter

CareerFitter has been one of the leading websites for finding the best-fitting career for over 20 years. It takes 10 – 20 minutes to complete.

It is designed for both students and adults alike. Whether you are switching paths or just graduating high school, this is a test anyone can take, and it is not specialized for any individual in particular.

Along with creating a free account and taking the Career Test, you can save your results, so you always have something to refer back to later down the road. You can also obtain a premium version to get detailed career results.

3. OpenColleges

Located in Australia, this free career test is a simplified version best used for someone who knows what they want but may not be 100% certain of which path to take. OpenColleges only takes five minutes to complete and is a great beginning step to finding a suitable career path.

It will provide those searching for a new career with informative articles, study resources, and career resources. They help give information on writing a resume, how to pass an interview, provide tips on interpersonal skills, and much more.

4. 123Test

This free career test normally takes five to ten minutes to complete and is aimed at visual test takers or learners. The instructions are to use the images provided to complete the test.

This website also provides other useful tests, such as IQ tests, assessment training, work value tests, team role tests, and much more. If you are unsure which test to take, consider looking at some of the articles on career finding they provide on their website before taking a test.

5. What Career Is Right For Me?

On average, this free career test is completed within five to ten minutes and takes into account your focus, ability to communicate, emotional responses, and logic.

What Career Is Right For Me? provides articles and career services, and they even allow you to browse through careers for which you may be qualified. As well as a career aptitude test, they also have a job board.

6. MyPlan

While many career personality tests on MyPlan come with a price tag, others are free. They have multiple tests, including personality tests, values assessments, and a skills profiler.

This website is great if you are still determining your strengths. It can lead you to the right career path and guide students in choosing the best college.

7. CareerExplorer

This free career personality test offers a wide variety and diverse range of tests along with online education for obtaining a new career.

If you are interested in college, you can purchase a membership to browse through different schools to best suit your needs. If not, you can always stick with simply taking the career test for free.

8. CareerWise

This free career personality test is aimed at those with numerous interests who do not know how to use them to find a suitable career path. This test takes approximately five to ten minutes to complete and will provide you with a list of options available that best match your interests.

Minnesota State offers this particular test, but it is available to everyone, not just students. It also gives information on job hunting, resume writing, and other online workshops.

9. MAPP Career Test

This free test takes roughly 22 minutes to complete and is available in six different languages, making it easier for those who speak only one or numerous languages. For premium members, you also have the option of having your own personal career coach to help guide you through the difficulties in finding the best career match for you.

This website is different from most others. They have performed many validity tests and studies to prove the percentage of accuracy for these free career tests and their results. It is a big selling point for many who question the science behind these tests.

10. Princeton Review Career Quiz

Offered by the Princeton Review and primarily aimed towards college students who may need clarification on what careers they wish to pursue, this quiz is open to the general public and students attending Princeton. Made up of 24 questions, this test takes approximately ten to fifteen minutes to complete.

The site focuses on getting college-ready, including tutoring, test prep, and admissions services. With many articles on finding the right careers, schools, majors, tutors, and homework help, it is also a great place to explore different colleges.

11. Government of Canada – Career Planning

The Government of Canada has several free quizzes and tests to help you explore your personality and career possibilities. Ranging from 5 to 10 minutes each, these tests cover your interests and abilities, work values, learning style, multiple intelligences, and how you prefer to work.

Discover Your Dream Job with These Free Career Personality Tests

Whether you are looking to switch paths, graduating high school or college, retired but still want to work, unsure of your strengths and skills, or feel the need to make a significant change, these websites can be game changers.

Consider taking other types of tests along with them, such as IQ tests or personality tests, that may or may not have anything to do with career changes. Many people are completely unaware of their strengths, which can make finding a new career path or making a job change difficult. These tests can show you all the opportunities available, even ones you may have yet to consider.

With the helpful information these websites and free career tests provide, you will find what is best for you and your abilities.

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