CareerBuilder Review: What You Need to Know About This Popular Job Site

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Many people are looking for work these days. There are more positions in this labor market than in past years, but it can still be challenging to dedicate the time needed to search for a good position. 

It also takes time for businesses to advertise their job openings and hire the best candidates.

To make the process faster and easier, job seekers and employers rely on popular job sites, including CareerBuilder, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, and Monster.

This article will focus on CareerBuilder and how it can help connect people who are looking for work with companies that are looking for workers. 

What is CareerBuilder?

CareerBuilder is an online employment platform that was founded in 1996. It has thousands of job postings and various features that help people find employment, as well as marketing tools and resources to help businesses recruit and hire new staff.

CareerBuilder is popular with all job seekers, including bloggers and freelancers looking for work-from-home opportunities.

As a job seeker, you can browse for different jobs using the search tools, and when you find a promising opportunity, you can either apply directly through the site or get a link to the company’s career page. You will receive email alerts if you get shortlisted for a job and receive detailed information about the company of interest. 

You can also connect with employers to see how they run their businesses. CareerBuilder provides information about the company and country they are located in, so you can make an informed decision before applying or accepting a job offer.

For business owners, you can advertise your job vacancies and take advantage of the additional recruiting, screening, and human resources tools. 

How Does CareerBuilder Compare to Other Job Sites?

As a job seeker, most job sites offer similar features these days. Which website you choose to use usually comes down to personal preferences. 

Location can also play a factor, as some websites are more popular in certain areas than others. For example, Indeed, Glassdoor and ZipRecruiter are the top 3 sites (based on website traffic) in the US, but Totaljobs and top the list for the UK. 

However, as an employer, it’s important to compare what services are offered with the various jobs sites before deciding where to advertise your job posting. The prices on these sites can also vary, so be sure to compare the pricing plans so that you get the best deal based on your hiring needs. 

Like all web-based jobs platforms, there are some downsides to this site that users need to be aware of. The main downside is the site’s management of user information. Unfortunately, there have been complaints with the Better Business Bureau from users who have deleted or set their profiles to “not visible to recruiters” but have still received emails or calls. Employers have also filed complaints about paying for ads that were never run. 

But overall, CareerBuilder has an A+ accreditation from the BBB.  

How To Use CareerBuilder as a Job Seeker

As a job seeker, you can search through the job postings by job title, skills, military code, location, and more. You can also browse CareerBuilder’s recommended jobs or explore positions that are currently trending. 

When you create an account, you can post your resume or CV on this site. Creating an account allows you to maintain a record of your job search history and use the “easy apply” option (when available) to respond to job postings directly from the site.

After posting your CV on the site, your profile will also be added to their resume database, allowing employers to contact you directly if they are interested in you and your skillset. 

If you don’t have a current resume, there is a resume builder available. 

One of the main features that CareerBuilder offers is its Job Seeker Message Center, which allows communication to stay within the platform, opposed to relying on email. 

Whether you are looking for a casual position, something part-time, full-time, or remote, you can set up an email alert on this site. To set this up, go to the Alerts section on the website and fill out the criteria you’re looking for in a job. CareerBuilder will then send you an email if a position becomes available that matches your preferences.

What Should You Know Before You Use CareerBuilder?

As a user of any online job site, you should look into how the process works before you submit your resume or CV. Your resume contains a lot of personal information, so you must consider your privacy before sharing it anywhere online. 

You should also know what your target position is. This will help you to get the job that you want within a short period of time. 

Before you add your resume or CV to the system, look into the details about specific positions that are available. This will ensure you submit your qualifications and highlight your skills on your resume in a way that best matches with what potential employers want.

You should also make sure that you have proofread your resume before uploading it to the site or sending it to employers. 

Although applying for a job through CareerBuilder can make the process easier, you still need to take the time to make sure you’re submitting a strong resume that is relevant to the position. Otherwise, your job search won’t be successful, no matter what job site you use. 

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Pros of Using CareerBuilder When Looking for a Job

  • This site offers a wide range of job postings. 
  • The system is very simple and easy to navigate.
  • They have a mobile app so you can search for a job from anywhere. 
  • You can create a profile that will track the positions you have applied to through the site. 
  • With a profile, you can see how many times your profile has been viewed or appeared in searches by employers.
  • You can upload your resumes or CVs onto the site’s resume database so that prospective employers can contact you directly. This feature can be turned on or off, so you can decide when you want your profile visible to employers.
  • You can set up alerts to receive notifications when new positions are available that match your criteria.
  • The salary search tools provide details on average salaries for similar roles.   
  • The quick apply feature allows you to apply for positions quickly. 
  • There are also plenty of Career Advice articles on topics including finding a job, getting a job, and succeeding on the job.  

Cons of Using CareerBuilder When Looking for a Job

  • Your profile and personal information may remain viewable after deleting your profile. 
  • Users have complained about being contacted by spam companies. If a job asks you to pay fees, send money, or deposit a cheque into your account, this is a scam!

Should I Use CareerBuilder to Find a Job?

Although CareerBuilder is a reputable company, recent reviews from both employers and job seekers have not been favorable. It is a good idea for you to use caution when using this service to ensure you’re not falling for a scam or putting your personal security at risk.

How To Use CareerBuilder as an Employer

As an employer or small business owner, you can create a profile on this site to advertise any positions you are hiring for. 

This is also a great opportunity for you to share information about your business with potential employees. Your company’s name and location will be listed on the site so that potential employees can check it out before they apply for a job with you. 

When someone applies for your vacant positions, they will enter their information into the system. After they have provided the necessary information, any eligible applicants will be pushed into the hiring process. 

CareerBuilder also offers online tools that employers can use to manage their businesses. The tools are an efficient and effective way of managing all your hiring records for your company.

The Talent Discovery Platform (TDP) is one of these tools offered. It provides access to their resume database, automatic candidate matching, useful labor market information, advanced search capabilities, and communication tools that allow you to send email campaigns and message job seekers directly. It also includes an AI Job Posting tool that will help you create an effective job posting that will be appealing to more candidates.  

You can also use this site to find out how much other employers have paid candidates for similar roles. By doing this, you can determine how much you should be offering to keep your compensation packages and wages fair.

And that’s not all. There’s also a Talent Network that helps automate recruitment, Source & Screen to screen applicants quickly, Hiring Events available online and in-person, SocialReferral that makes it easy to share jobs and track referrals, and Applicant Tracking to find and hire the right applicants faster. You can review everything CareerBuilder offers to employers on their website. 

CareerBuilder is also available in Canada, France, Germany, India, Singapore, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.  

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How Much Does It Cost To Hire Using Careerbuilder?

The cost of finding employees through this site depends on the number of positions you are looking for, and whether or not you utilize the add-on services. Prices start at $197/month, and plans can be canceled at any time. They also offer coupon codes.

Due to the impact COVID-19 has had on Black-owned small businesses, CareerBuilder is currently offering 6 months of free access to eligible small businesses to help with rebuilding and rehiring. 

Otherwise, you can request a free demo, but CareerBuilder does not offer a free trial like other job sites such as ZipRecruiter does.

Pros of Using CareerBuilder When Hiring 

  • CareerBuilder will automatically send any candidate matches directly to your inbox and dashboard when there is a match.  
  • Salary tools are available to make sure compensation is comparable to others in similar labor markets. 
  • Candidates can apply for positions quickly through the website.
  • They offer a “build your own” plan as well as monthly and annual subscriptions plans, so you can purchase exactly what your business needs. 

Cons of Using CareerBuilder When Hiring 

  • The cost of posting a job advertisement is higher than other online job boards, and they do not offer free trials. 
  • CareerBuilder does not cross-post job ads to other job banks.
  • There have been reports of scams and fraudulent job postings on this site, so job seekers may be leery about applying for jobs through CareerBuilder. 

Should I Use CareerBuilder to Hire Someone?

There are many reasons why you should use this site to hire someone for your company. CareerBuilder has been around for more than 20 years and is a recognized job search site. They have over 80 million resumes and social profiles in their database, so your posting will reach plenty of active job seekers. 

When you look at the cost of using CareerBuilder, you have several different options available. 

As mentioned above, unfortunately, CareerBuilder has mixed reviews from business owners and job hunters. Because of this, you may have better luck with hiring if you utilize another job site that has a better reputation.

There are many free places where you can advertise your job, and of course, you can always use more than one platform to reach more candidates. 


Finding a job might seem like an impossible task at times, but it doesn’t have to be.

Sites like CareerBuilder have a wide range of jobs available, as well as tools and automation to make your job search or hiring process more productive and successful. 

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