Don’t Want to Deal with People? These 10 Jobs Are Tailor-Made for You!

Are you looking for relatively low-stress, short-term jobs that allow you to be alone and listen to books, music, and podcasts? Then, we’ve got you covered. Someone recently inquired about these positions, and these were the top-voted responses.

1. Delivery Driver

Delivery driving can be a primarily low-stress solo job. For example, several small and medium businesses need couriers (more during holidays)—additionally, all the gig driving jobs such as Uber Eats, Instacart, and Door Dash.

One delivery driver noted that the job also allows you to listen to podcasts, audible books, and music or be alone with your thoughts.

Another confessed, “Full-time Uber driver here; as annoying as rideshare driving can sometimes be, it has allowed me to go deep into thought all day every day and grow a ton in the past year.”

2. Unarmed Security

An unarmed security officer suggested that it’s the easiest job anyone could ever have. They shared that they could watch movies and play games on their phone while being on the clock. However, they warned the pay wasn’t great.

Another user added that they had been a “gate jockey” at a distribution center. The work primarily consisted of making sure the freezers were intact and paperwork.

3. Front Desk

Another podcast-friendly position is working at the front desk of a small local business. One person elaborated that their job entailed answering calls and directing them to the correct person. However, the calls and daily visitors were few.

4. Office Cleaning

One of the most laid-back jobs for solo opportunities is cleaning offices after they are closed. It’s a quiet position that allows you to listen to music, podcasts, and audible books and be alone with your thoughts. A second person agreed that it was an easy and perfect job for introverts.

5. Bookstore

Working in a bookstore is a chill and quiet job. Someone stated they had worked in a small bookstore at a private university while doing their undergrad. It provided ample opportunity to read or listen to podcasts.

6. Inventory

An inventory night job involves counting everything in a store. Ten key inventory positions do inventory during twilight hours, but the money is alright, and it’s simple. It also provides ample opportunities to listen to music, books, and podcasts.

7. Dog Walking

Dog walking is in high demand and is the most chill job possible. Plus, you get to play with dogs all day. You can go to to sign up and start walking people’s dogs quickly. You can also pet-sit and make decent money.

8. Night Auditor

There is usually little activity during a hotel’s evening and late-night shift hours. So one suggested becoming a night auditor.

They explained that a complimentary breakfast in the morning typically accompanies the position. Additionally, it’s another job where employees can listen to podcasts, books, and music.

9. Parking Ramp or Lot Attendant

Another shared that being a parking ramp or lot attendant was redundant work with little rushes now and then. But for the most part, you’re left alone to catch up on television shows or listen to music and podcasts. “You just sit there and take cash now and then.”

10. Data Entry

Data entry is a simple job that allows many people to work from home and stays away from working with people. It’s ideal for an introvert or homebody who can set their schedule and find that work-life balance in their home. Bonus, you can work in your pajamas and hair in a messy bun.

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