10 Helpful Tips and Tricks for Saving Money

Are you searching for helpful money-saving tips to get through these more challenging times? Then, we got you covered. After someone took to a popular online finance forum asking for these tricks, these are the top-voted recommendations.

1. Never Shop Impulsively

“I have developed the habit of rarely shopping impulsively,” one confessed. “I usually think about buying something for weeks, months, or years before I buy it. Try to spend money on things that give you lots of use or enjoyment time back, not just a temporary euphoric boost.”

2. Drink as Much Water as Possible

Another admitted, “I thank my parents for ensuring I never drank soda and sweets when I was a kid. I love some sodas, but I RARELY drink them now because I don’t crave them as an adult. Your body will thank you too. This also goes for alcohol, by the way. Save your money and your body!”

3. Stop Eating Out and Using Food Delivery Services

“Stop eating out! This is the biggest one right here. Restaurant food is insanely overpriced, and it is never as good as when you make it yourself home,” one stated.

“The tipping people have told me to stop eating out already. They said if you hate tipping, stop eating out or ordering delivery. I followed their advice and saved a ton of money. No more tipping for me.”

4. Get Yourself a Good Coffee Maker and Bean Grinder

One Redditor replied, “Spend some money to buy a good coffee grinder and coffee maker. Then, make and drink great coffee at home every day.”

Another joked, “Who would’ve guessed making something at home is cheaper than buying something pre-made outside every day?!”

5. Keep a Few Emergency Pizzas

“Stock up on decent frozen pizza that’s less than five dollars each when on sale,” one elaborated. “Bonus if you do my fave, the Ristorante thin crust, for $2.99 or $2.97.

Always have at least one or two of these on hand to avoid countless instances of $25+ Dominos or other delivery. Sometimes humans need pizza, and it’s futile to fight this. Lean into it, smarter.”

6. Start a Monthly Budget

“Take your monthly bank and credit card statements, and tally up how much you spend vs. how much you make,” another noted. “There are templates available online or in Microsoft office.

Then, look at each category (i.e., eating out, cell phone, subscription services) and see what areas you can reduce your expenses. And think of ways you can increase your income so that it is always more than your expenses. Then invest your savings.”

7. Cut Back on Your Monthly Subscriptions

Many in the thread agreed, “Everything these days is a monthly payment or subscription. It’s the way businesses do it now, that continuous cash stream, which means a constant stream exiting your account.

Identify all subscriptions and reoccurring fees. Then Trim back. Do you NEED Spotify? Twitch? YouTube Pro? Trim back cell service. Maybe fewer TV channels on cable or slower home internet.”

8. Shop Deals and Buy Store Brand

“Shop deals, price match, and go to more than one grocery store,” someone explained. “One store has reasonable prices on most things, but another may have better sales on meat, for example. Buy store brand in most cases.

The store brand is of decent quality, usually. For example, name-brand chips like Lays and Ruffles are now up to $5.65. On the other hand, no-name chips at no-frills are $1 EA and decent.”

9. Invest in a Deep Chest Freezer, Buy in Bulk

“Get a freezer and buy meat on sale in bulk and freeze it. For example, if one store recently had a sale on a hamburger – $3.99 lb, which nowadays is a steal. I bought 12 packs of 2 lbs each. I do the same with chicken and roasts,” answered another.

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10. Find a Cheap Hobby

One Redditor volunteered, “Find a hobby you love that doesn’t require repeated costs. A hobby where you buy and reuse an item several times is golden. So buy a good pair of hiking boots, and hit the trails.

Or get a used guitar, and spend a year learning how to play. So much advertising is designed to promise people they will be entertained or get a dopamine hit. If you develop a hobby, you’re not bored or looking for the next exciting thing.”

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