You’re Hired! 10 Unmistakable Signs You Got The Job (Plus 6 Signs to Keep Looking)

If you’ve recently had a job interview, you’re likely wondering if you should be expecting a job offer or not. 

Although there is no for-sure way to know if you landed a job simply based on your interview performance, there are signs that indicate you might have – as well as clear signs that you didn’t get the job.

10 Signs You Got the Job

Here are the clues to watch for that indicate your interview went well: 

1. The Interviewer Speaks Favorably of Your Background

Your interviewer might highlight your prior experience, relevant skills, or education that pertains to the position you are applying for. Sometimes your interviewer might mention little things, such as that you both went to the same college. Having a similar background as your interviewer can increase trust, thus improving your chances of being hired.

2. The Interviewer’s Body Language is Positive

Your interviewer’s body language can tell you a lot. If the interviewer displays attentive posture, often nods in agreement, and smiles as you answer questions, these are all good signs. 

Similarly, if they are taking notes as you speak, they are likely interested in what you are saying.

3. The Interviewer Tries To Determine Your Interest in the Position 

Your interviewer might ask direct questions about your interest in working for the company. Although these questions might be cloaked as typical questions asked to all candidates, they are actually indications of an employer’s intent to hire you. Remember, you only made it this far through the interview due to your experience. Being asked questions like this verifies their interest in you.

4. The Discussion Becomes Informal or the Interviewer Makes Personal Inquiries

Interviewers are not in the habit of wasting time; hence they only ask important questions. So if the discussion ceases to be about your qualifications and becomes more relaxed, that’s a good thing.

Casual questions concerning your personal goals, your family, or hobbies mean the interviewer is impressed with you as a candidate, and now they want to know you better as a person and possible colleague.

5. You Are Introduced to More Employees

Getting introduced to other employees is a great sign that your interview has gone well. Usually, an interviewer will only introduce a candidate to other workers when they believe the candidate is a good fit for the job.

6. Your Interviewer Says “When” Not “If”

An interviewer’s choice of words is often a good indication of whether or not they are seriously considering you for the job. They might slip up and use the words “will” or “when” in place of “if.”

For instance, if the interviewer says things such as, “when you begin…” or “you will start your day with…” Such a slip of the tongue on the interviewer’s part is a sign that they think you are the one for the job.

7. Extended Interview Time

If your interview runs longer than expected, this could indicate you made the shortlist to get the job. 

Being asked follow-up questions means they are genuinely interested in your skillset and what you could bring to the team. It also shows that you have desirably answered all their questions and demonstrated the abilities and traits the employer seeks. 

Now they want to get to know you a little better before offering you the job. Take advantage of the situation and show your eagerness for the job.

8. Discussion of Job Benefits

One of the best signs you got the job is when the interviewer starts talking about benefits, compensation, and all the gratuities their company offers. The discussion of pay and benefits means they have changed gears from interviewing you to promoting the company, which clearly shows they like you for the job.

9. Interviewer Wants To Discuss Salary

If an employer does not like you or does not believe you are a good match for the job, they will not bother to discuss your salary with you. So if the interviewer starts talking about salary, you probably got the job.

10. They Ask For and Talk With Your References

When an interviewer asks for your references, you can bet they are strongly considering hiring you. Getting in touch with your references is an even stronger indicator that your interview was successful. The interviewer wants to learn more about you, your performance history, and your work ethic. 

Be sure to inform your references that they might be contacted ahead of time to ensure they are prepared.

6 Signs You Didn’t Get the Job

While the following signs don’t necessarily mean you won’t be getting the job offer, they are red flags that you should be aware of. If you notice these things during your job interview, it’s a good idea to keep looking for a job elsewhere.

1. The Interviewer Did Not Show Interest In You

Did you get the impression that the person interviewing you was perhaps a bit indifferent towards you? Did you feel they just didn’t care about what you were saying? Maybe they constantly checked the time or kept checking their phones. Whatever the case, it could be one of several telltale signs that you didn’t get the job. 

Unfortunately, if you sensed that your interviewer was not interested in what you were saying, you probably didn’t make the cut.

2. There’s No Chemistry

If you do not feel a connection between yourself and the interviewer during the interview process, it’s an indication that things are not going in your favor. You might get the feeling that things are going south. Listen to your gut. 

A large portion of communication is nonverbal, which means one can pick up on unspoken messages from those around them. In this situation, you probably see the signs that the employer has decided not to hire you.

Remember, there are dozens of reasons why a company didn’t hire you, many of which have nothing to do with you. 

3. You Got Stuck on a Question

There was one question in the interview that you were just not prepared for. Despite your research and preparation, this one vital question never occurred to you, and you stumbled in coming up with a decent answer. 

Unfortunately, being unable to answer even one question might make the interviewer wonder if you have done your homework or are a good fit. Even if you nailed all other questions, your chances of getting the job are not as good.

4. You Received a Shorter Interview Than Planned

Perhaps the interview was scheduled for one hour, but in reality, it only lasted 30 minutes. This is an indication of an interview gone wrong.

A shortened interview could mean they have already decided to hire someone else. Another possibility is that you stumbled somewhere early in the hiring process, and the interviewer decided not to hire you.

5. Your Interviewer Did Not Discuss the Details of the Position

At the end of the interview, if the employer does not bother to discuss the specifics of the position with you, that could be a bad sign. If they have ruled you out as a candidate, they might consider discussing job details a waste of time.

6. The Interviewer Tells You That They Have More People To Interview

More often than not, when an interviewer says, “we have some more people to interview, but…” you can probably kiss that job goodbye. If a hiring manager is interested in you, they will typically say so right away.

So the next time you find yourself wondering, “did I get the job?” after an interview, consider these clues. Although there are no guarantees, the signs mentioned here are usually a good indicator of success or failure. 

If you didn’t get this job, keep your chin up. There are a lot of reasons why you might not have been selected. Believe in yourself and keep trying for the jobs you want.

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