a woman job searching on her laptop during the Christmas holidays

Asking Santa to Put a New Job Under the Tree? Here’s Help

Yes, the holidays can be hectic, but that doesn’t mean your job search has to grind to a halt. This time of year can be ideal for getting what you really want this Christmas—a new job. Don’t let the holidays be an excuse to slack off. Use them to your advantage. With many companies actively …

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a grandmother, daughter, and grandchild wearing santa hats on a video call

Can’t Afford Christmas? 7 Tips to Manage So Even Scrooge Would Approve

The holiday season is here, but so is inflation. For some, this is the most wonderful time of year. But if you’re like 89% of consumers polled by Numerator, you’re bracing for the impact inflation will have on your spending and gifting. With soaring costs, worrying about how you’ll pay for presents or whether you’ll be …

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a woman recording audio from a script

Yes, You Can Make Money on Audible – Here’s How

With more than 180,000 titles, Audible is the largest and fastest-growing online audiobook supplier. However, few people realize it’s also a great tool for earning money! If you’re wondering how to make money on Audible, here are a few different ways to generate income as an author, content creator, or affiliate marketer. What Is Audible …

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a young couple laughing while working together on a side hustle

7 Best Side Hustles For Couples to Start in 2023

There are many benefits to having a side hustle, including extra income and a sense of accomplishment. For couples, a side hustle can also be a way to spend more time together and bond over a shared goal.  From start-ups to online businesses, there are many ways for couples to make money. Here are some …

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an Elementary School Teacher with her students lined up at a school bus

8 Important Skills You Need to Be an Elementary School Teacher

Perhaps above all, a great elementary school teacher needs patience and compassion—but there are many other skills that are essential to teaching success. Some can be learned right away and some only developed over time. Study.com compiled the required skills and abilities needed to become an elementary school teacher according to the O*NET Resource Center, …

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a person with several gifts around them

50+ Self Care Gift Ideas For Under $50 [2022]

Life can be so chaotic and stressful that finding time for yourself often feels impossible. Maybe even selfish. But self care is so important! How can you take care of others without first taking care of yourself? Your needs matter, too. Below are self-care gift ideas that will help you (or a loved one) relax, …

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a field of poppies

Is It Offensive To Wear a Poppy After Remembrance Day?

A few years ago, I was leaving the grocery store when the cashier told me to take off the poppy that was still pinned to my coat. She said that Remembrance Day was over and that it was offensive to leave it on. I was taken aback by her comment and asked, “So, we’re only supposed …

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a man and woman moving boxes outside a storage unit

Your Questions About Storage Auctions Answered

Self-storage is quite popular in today’s era and will continue to grow in the future. You may not know, but almost 40% of Americans use self-storage. People need it when they don’t have enough space to store their belongings or are undergoing transitions like moving. Whether you are a business owner, homeowner, renter, or military …

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a skilled trade worker on a construction site

These 11 Skilled Trades Jobs Pay More Than $50K

When the COVID-19 pandemic began and people were suddenly spending more time at home, many started looking at repairs and renovations they’d put off. For employers and commercial building owners, having fewer workers in the office made it an ideal time to schedule renovations and other structural improvements without disrupting business. Though the timing seemed …

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a happy woman outside throwing money in the air

15 Legit Ways To Make Money in Only One Hour

Do you need quick cash? Like, within an hour? Read on and find out how to make money in an hour. With rising costs of living and life’s usual emergencies, we’ve all needed extra money for some unforeseen expenses at one point. Don’t worry if you can’t wait for the next paycheck; there are many …

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a woman sitting at her desk holding a large amount of money

Rake in the Dough: 35 Jobs That Make a Lot of Money

There are many ways to make money, but if you really want to rake in the dough, get a high-paying job. Having more money makes life easier. You can afford to buy nice things and travel if you want. However, most jobs that make a lot of money require specialized skills, long hours, and complex …

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