9 Tech Jobs You Can Get Without Knowing How To Code

Tech is not for everyone but if you are interested in finding your first role in a tech company, but aren’t a coder, don’t worry as there are plenty of routes in.

Whether you’re working looking to change jobs or are transitioning out of education, everybody has different reasons for wanting to get a job in the tech industry. And the timing couldn’t be better. The industry is facing a massive shortage of workers; plus, it generally offers great pay and benefits, and lots of employment opportunities.

If you’re a hard worker with an appetite for challenge, you can get involved with many of them. But where do you want to apply your skills? We’ve made a list below of some of our favourite tech jobs that don’t need coding skills.

Business Analyst Jobs

From the outside, the software development cycle might seem simple. However, a great product takes more than developers creating what customers tell them that they want. Tech jobs other than software development and design are just as vital to the success of a future enterprise; the customer’s wishes will rarely translate to a sound technical model directly.

This is where the business analyst comes in, bridging the gap between customer needs and the work of the developer. By gaining a solid understanding of what the customer wants the software or product to do, the business analyst turns those requirements into a plan grounded in the logistics of what is feasible.

For those who enjoy the feeling of being a diplomat, are analytical and like seeking compromise, business analysis will be one of the most appealing technical jobs without coding to choose from.

Graphic Designer Jobs

Coding can be an artistic trade in many ways, but graphic design is all about the look of a product or service. If you’re creative and artistic and want to become involved in tech, you may want to consider becoming a designer. There are several areas that you can specialize in.

For example, you could be designing products and packaging for companies that produce tangible goods. You might also be interested in designing ads and brand imaging, or even web pages.

Although everyone in tech can benefit from some basic coding skills, there are many opportunities for designers who wish to support those in other tech jobs, no coding is required.

Understanding of some commonly used design tools like Adobe Creative Suite or Sketch is always really useful to have and demonstrate when applying to these jobs.

Marketing and Sales Jobs

Almost every tech company’s goal is to make money, which means they need to sell products. That means that people who have the skills to market and sell those products are in high demand, making way for many tech careers without coding. Two areas that may be of interest to you are marketing and sales.

The following tech jobs without coding are all relevant to many types of companies in the industry:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Campaign marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing

Some of these jobs require more technical expertise than others, but all of them are tech careers that don’t involve coding; having a good understanding of the company’s marketplace will be much more beneficial.

People in sales and marketing tend to be very creative and results-driven. They are comfortable using data to help inform strategy and decision-making and love to test their approaches continually before deciding on the best route forward.

Project Manager Jobs

Project managers are in charge of specific projects and often coordinate the priorities and work of several cross-functional teams at once. All corners of the organization answer to the project manager. This includes developers and engineers, marketers, analysts, salespeople, and designers. The project manager keeps everyone in line and makes sure that important deliverables remain on track and are completed on time.

If you like the sound of that but have some experience in project delivery previously, you may want to look at program management. Program managers do the same thing at a higher level within the company. They may oversee many project managers at once, working to further the company’s overarching goals over time in a big-picture sense. This could involve helping their executive leaders determine the best course of development across different products.

Typically, they work closely with project managers to oversee the progression of skip-level work carried out by those within each team. They steer the ship, middling between the executives and those with their boots on the ground. This makes program management one of the most important non-programming tech jobs in the industry.

People that excel at Project Management are great time managers, they’re very organized and they are very good at managing people and getting them aligned on common goals.

Quality Assurance & Software Tester Jobs

Another great job in software development that doesn’t need coding skills is software testing. This covers all manner of apps and services, from tools for managing industrial machines to games on the newest and shiniest gaming systems.

Testing any type of software includes running through various scenarios within the application and checking for correct or incorrect responses. Bugs need to be found, reported, and then resolved by the developers. All that you need to do is be able to take a screenshot or accurately note an error code.

People who are good at quality assurance and software testing tend to be good with attention to detail and working independently.

IT System Administrator Jobs

Are you good at problem-solving and quick at learning new things? If so, you’ll find plenty of IT and Systems careers that don’t require coding at all.

‘Sysadmins’, as they’re commonly called, are often viewed as the handymen of the IT department. They cover everything from unboxing and setting up equipment to getting an email server back online when it goes down. They may also be tasked with backing up files across the entire company or creating firewalls to protect the network.

It’s a busy job. Does it require coding, though? In many cases, not at all. Some companies have several sysadmins with different specialties; others have a single sysadmin to take on any project needed.

Successful sysadmins have a wide range of skills at their command. These include people skills, imperative when working with frustrated coworkers who can’t check their email or submit their project reports. While coding outright will not usually be necessary, having some programming experience will be useful. At the very least, you need a solid understanding of how to run a computer from the command line.

There are, of course, other IT jobs that don’t require coding, too, such as desktop support and help desk operator. Many consider system administration to be the best job in IT without programming, however. It feels good to be the big man in charge.

Technical Writer Jobs

If your talents lie in crafting concise, useful prose, technical writing is one of the most abundantly available jobs in tech sans coding. Forget crafting apps or databases; programs, websites, scripts, and nearly every other type of product need extensive documentation and all sorts of copy.

Technical writing can include instructions for users, requirements for developers, press releases, technical reports, specifications, or other miscellaneous documents. Being knowledgeable, concise, descriptive, and well-organized are all very useful skills to have in this role. Many technical writers get their start in the field that they work in, but others begin as freelancers.

If your base of knowledge is extensive and you need a break from the tough stuff, technical writing is one of the best non-programming jobs for software engineers. It’s the perfect way to apply what you know about various technologies without coding a single line.

UX and UI Researcher & Analyst Jobs

Some of the most obvious non-programming tech jobs are in User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) development. Careers in UX and UI have the potential to be some of the most fulfilling and meaningful tech careers that don’t involve coding.

When websites, programs, and apps are being developed, UX/UI specialists sketch out wireframes and mockups. These are tested on users, enabling the development of guidelines for designers to complete the user interface in order to make it feel whole and optimally functional. It’s a great way to get involved as a professional without coding software courses or other investments of that nature.

Several roles fall under this category, each related to how users interact with a website, program, or app. These roles involve skills in design, psychology, human-computer interaction (HCI), and others.

UX experts come from a wide range of backgrounds. They hold degrees in all sorts of things, often at the master’s level, such as in HCI specifically. When asked which skills they found to be most useful, some prevalent responses were web design, writing, programming, psychology, design, and research methodology.

Just because you don’t like coding doesn’t mean you can’t have a job in the tech sector. There are so many software jobs without coding involved at all for you to peruse.

These nine areas, and some others, are open to you if you’re willing to work hard and prove yourself. As mentioned, some understanding of the principles of programming can be very helpful. For most of these jobs, though, you won’t need to know more than the basics.

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