Essential Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Move Careers

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Before you move careers, there are a few essential questions you should ask yourself first. By making sure you ask yourself the right questions, you can ensure you end up in the perfect role. The perfect role is one you enjoy, that suits the lifestyle you want to lead.

Work shouldn’t be something we hate, and yet many people tend to stay in jobs that they absolutely despise – usually for the money, or because they are too afraid to make a change. This is terrible for both physical and mental wellbeing!

Below, you’ll find the essential questions that you should ask yourself before you move careers. Take a look:

1. What Don’t I Like About My Current Career?

Make a list of the things you don’t like about your current career. Upon making your list, you might realize that these things are just temporary and will pass and that you don’t actually need to move at all. You might see that a simple chat with your boss or manager could help you to iron things out.

However, if you have a list that just keeps on getting longer, it’s a good indication that it’s time for you to move. You’ll have a good idea of what you don’t want from your next career, too.

2. What Do I Like About My Current Career?

There must be something you like about your current career, unless you have completely changed as a person since you started. It could even be something simple, such as the atmosphere at work or the type of people you work with. Do your best to make a list so that you can have an idea of what you want from your next one.

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3. What Do I Really Want In My Next Career?

Now you should make a list of what you know you want in your next career. Do your best to get as specific as possible so you can begin finding the right role for you and ruling out anything that is not suitable.

Many people will tell you that you should be prepared to come into a few problems in any career – there’s good and bad in everything. However, figuring out the bad that you’re willing to accept is a good move. For example, if you really love what you do, perhaps you’re willing to deal with occasional snotty clients.

Think about this; what do you want in your next role, and what isn’t ideal but you know you won’t mind putting up with?

4. Are There Any Skills I Can Improve Upon To Give Myself A Better Chance Of Landing A Role?

There may be some skills you can improve upon in your own time, to show that you are dedicated and worthy of a role that you want. They could be soft or hard skills or even both, depending on where you want to be.

For instance, taking a class A test is compulsory if you want to drive for a living, but you could even look into online courses on sites like the Open University to help you improve your chances. Sites like YouTube and Udemy might not give you official qualifications, but they can also be helpful if you want to prepare yourself for a new position.

5. Does This New Career Align With My Passions And Interests, As Well As What I’m Good At?

Make sure you have a strong idea of what your passions and interests are, as well as what you’re good at. In an ideal world, every job will align with these things. It should be something you are passionate about and interested in, as well as something you know you can do well. Not every hobby or passion should become a career!

6. Could A Career/Personality Test Give Me A Better Idea Of The Right Career For Me?

Maybe you still don’t have a good idea of the sort of career that’s right for you. There are actually some great career and personality tests online that you can find. They will be able to give you an even deeper insight into your personality and the workings of your mind, and potentially suggest some roles or offer up inspiration that can help you.

7. Does This New Career Align With My Long Term Goals?

Having an idea of your long term goals is also a must, as your next career should align. If you want to have a decent amount of time off work, then you might want to train to be a teacher rather than a paramedic!


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