12 Awful Jobs That Make Your 9-5 Seem Like Paradise

What is the worst job you’ve had? I’ll go first. Telemarketer. I’m sorry. It was easily the worst in the history of bad jobs. They train you with a script that badgers the person at least three times before letting them get off the phone. 

Good luck getting to the third point in the script. Most calls include people cursing, shouting, name-calling, and hanging up on you. However, several others had hilarious answering machine messages addressing telemarketers. 

So I wanted to die but laughed out loud for two and a half hours before getting up and walking off. It’s the only job I’ve ever left without notice. Nonetheless, here are twelve more of the worst jobs according to the internet.

1. Poultry Processing Facility

The number one voted worst job is working in a poultry processing facility. Someone explained they spent an internship at a poultry processing plant and were in charge of bringing the chickens in to “process” them.

They elaborated that thousands of chickens come by on conveyor belts in a “warm, poorly lit room.”

Eventually, they graduated to a more horrifying position in the chicken business, “I would stand in the same place for eight hours, grab a chicken, hang it by its feet, rinse and repeat. The chickens would be freaking out and flinging feces everywhere.”

2. Garbage Man

Some poor soul shared a terrifying reality for people working on garbage trucks. They shared that they didn’t realize that cleaning the garbage truck would be their job.

So at the end of their shift, they explained they climbed into the truck and swept the leftover debris while maggots “rained down” on them. YUCK!

3. Glazing Hams

One user explained the interesting details of glazing hams during the holidays while they were in high school. First, they dump several cups of sugar onto the ham before torching it until it melts.

“The sugar fumes would sting my eyes, and the ham juices soaked into my socks. So I would come home with pruney ham juice feet every night.”

4. Call Center

Working in call centers was voted the fourth worst job on this list. Someone explained that the call center they worked at sold an educational program for young children.

They clarified that they didn’t have to cold call (much worse) but that there was too much pressure to sell the product using “some scummy and deceptive tactics.”

5. Moving Cement Bags

One of the more physically demanding jobs on the list is moving bags of cement. One user shared that the bags are 50+ pounds, and the entirety of their shift was them carrying bags back and forth from the warehouse to the back of a semi-truck. The job provided little to no breaks, and they worked regardless of weather conditions.

6. Bacon Packing

Working in a bacon packing plant comes in at number six. One person volunteered that they worked as an agency worker who believed they were signing up to be packaging fully-processed bacon.

However, the reality was they spent eight hours “watching pigs’ heads roll by on a conveyor belt, bagging up pig ears, and then would go home stinking of blood. The work was stressful and short-lived.”

7. Chuck E. Cheese Type Business

Someone shared that they worked at an off-brand “Chuck E Cheese-type place” as a birthday party hostess. They elaborated that it was never a kid’s first choice but what their parents could afford. They served toddler-sized soda and pizza portions.

The servers took turns wearing a chicken character costume that the poster expressed was older than most of those reading. “The kids would express their anger at their garbage parties right into the matted fur on its chicken wire belly.”

8. Selling Credit Cards

Someone suggested that selling credit cards was “like a cult.” Complete with brainwashing techniques that they use to convince workers that hard work and a positive attitude ensure success and quick promotions.

However, you’re initially paid “below minimum wage, and whatever you make after two weeks will only be commission.” And you have to deal with the public yelling at you and belittling your job.

9. Waste Management

Another explained working at the wastewater treatment plant has its downside. The plant has a machine that separates raw sewage from the solids such as toilet paper, tampons, Q-tips, etc.

Unfortunately, the chain broke one day for this poor, unfortunate soul, and he had to fix it, and he clarified, “Yes, it was just like you can imagine it was.”

10. Corrections Officer

One of the toughest tasks involves conducting thorough searches for contraband items. Think about how this contraband might make its way in… and how uncomfortable that is for both the officer and the person being searched!

It’s also a 24/7 job, so you work night and day, and miss out on a lot of holidays and family events.   

11. Credit Loan Office

A user said working in a consumer credit loan office sucked. When interviewed, he wasn’t informed that 98% of the job was calling people to collect on their delinquent accounts. “They also didn’t say that the performance goal determining your pay was how successful you were at collections.”

12. Selling Vacuums

“Going door-to-door with a crew,” said one unfortunate individual. “The manager would literally push me in the door and run off, leaving me to try to demonstrate the overpriced machine.”

Although solicitors can be annoying, you could take advantage of this opportunity as a consumer, like one person’s mom does. “She always lets them in so she can get her living room vacuumed for free.”

What do you think? Did the internet get this right, or is there another worst job deserving of a spot on this list? 

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