What Can You Do With $100? Enter to Win!

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$100. Depending on your current financial situation, $100 could either mean a lot to you, or it might not mean that much.

With millions of people currently out of work, and the general stress levels of the world being at an all-time high, I’m sure anyone could appreciate a little extra, free money right now. Perhaps an extra free $100?

That’s right! I’m running a giveaway, where one lucky person is going to win their choice of either $100 PayPal Cash or a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

Please note that this post contains affiliate links.

What Can You Do With $100?

When you think about it, there is actually a lot you can do with $100.

$100 could buy your groceries for the week.

Or you could get your haircut and/or a new outfit needed for job interviews, going back to school or going back to work.

It could mean catching up on bills, or starting an emergency fund.

You could invest that money in yourself by taking a class or launching a side hustle.

Or literally investing it in the stock market or a mutual fund, for example.

Invest in your home by making some home repairs or completing some home improvement projects.

Donate $100 to a charity or cause you care about, or to help out a loved one that might be struggling right now.

Or use it to treat yourself with a little self-care! (Here’s a list of over 50 self-care gift ideas all for under $50.)

Whoever wins gets to decide whatever is best for them with a choice of either $100 PayPal Cash or $100 Amazon Gift Card!

Enter the Giveaway!

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You will earn 5 entries to subscribe to my newsletter, and then have the option to earn an additional 25 bonus entries for even more chances to win!

Best of luck and stay safe!

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100 thoughts on “What Can You Do With $100? Enter to Win!”

  1. I would love an amazon gift card since they deliver to the house and would use it towards supply for the kids for back to school ty for the chance

  2. Thanks Amanda for running this awesome Contest. For me, I would take the $100 winnings into my Paypal because I am currently adding more and more into that account for a Bucket List Travel Adventure to take my wife to Denmark so she can learn more about her heritage!

  3. I would be happy with PayPal or Amazon 🙂 I would probably buy an ice cream maker because we have been wanting to make our own ice cream!

  4. I’d like to learn more about mental health. these two courses are very interesting to me;
    The Science of Well-Being taught by Yale University
    Psychological First Aid taught by Johns Hopkins University.

  5. I’d take the Paypal cash and get some items I need, like a new iPad cover and some art supplies. Being broke means I can’t indulge any hobbies.

  6. I would pick an Amazon gift card. I buy sooo many essentials from them, it would go towards that. Maybe some chocolate or a pair of shoes as a treat too. 🙂

  7. Thank you for having this giveaway. I would choose the Paypal Cash. I am entering to help with my college tuition, everything counts. Good luck to everyone!

  8. The Paypal GC I’ve always wanted my own jewelry line, I always lose earrings or they get discolored, if I make my own I solve both those problems instead of buying them at a store.

  9. I’d choose Amazon since I can get books for myself as well as send gifts to my grandchildren who I’m unable to see while this pandemic is happening.

  10. I would pick Amazon please because with these kids home doing zoom, I really could use another small desk to separate them a little more.


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