Tired of 9-5?  Try Working the Night Shift!

If you don't mind burning the midnight oil and working while the world sleeps, there are many great night shift jobs out there that are in high demand.

✓ Higher Pay ✓ Less Competition ✓ Lighter Workload ✓ Fewer Disruptions ✓ Daytime Flexibly ✓ More Independence  ✓ Less Traffic

Pros of Working the Night Shift

Health Issues Sleeping Problems Heavier Workload Safety Strained Relationships Boredom Lack of Recognition

Cons of Working the Night Shift

Some people prefer to work at night, while others have no other choice to make ends meet and support their family. Ranging from entry-level part-time roles to highly specialized occupations, here are some of the best night shift jobs available.

The Best Night Shift Jobs

People generally wake up and look at their phones to get the latest local news and updates from around the world.

Media & Journalism Roles

Journalist or Reporter Broadcaster TV or Radio Host Freelance Writer or Artists Casino Dealer Performer

When caring for the sick and elderly, these industries depend on providing care around the clock.

Healthcare & Caretaking Roles

Nursing & Personal Support Worker ER Doctor Medical Professional Veterinary Technician & Emergency Vet Caregiver Babysitting & Nannying

Night shifts are critical in 24-hour industries. Work around the clock to keep our streets safe.

Emergency & Protective Services Roles

Police Officer Firefighter Paramedic or Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) 911 Dispatcher Corrections Officer Security Guard

Every business that is open late at night or early in the morning requires customer service staff.

Customer Service & Hospitality

Customer Service Front Desk Clerk IT & Tech Support Restaurant & Fast Food Bartender Retail/Grocery Stocker Shipping & Receiving or Warehouse Worker

This is a prime opportunity to work for manufacturers and get paid the big bucks to work overnight.

Labor &  Trades Roles

Machinists Construction Emergency Maintenance Custodians Mail Sorter

This is a great job for anyone who has a clean driving record and knows their way around town.

Transportation & Delivery Roles

Taxi & Rideshare Driver Truck Driver Pilot & Airline Staff Air Traffic Controller Airport, Train, Bus & Subway Station Staff

Many federal government jobs require around-the-clock staffing.

Federal Employee Roles

Park Ranger Security Guard Cybersecurity  Infrastructure Management & Monitoring Foreign Affairs

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