50 Fastest-Growing Jobs with Over $100K Salaries - Start Your Search Here!

Many Americans are struggling after the millions of furloughs and layoffs and inflation raising the price of everything.

The younger generation just entering college or preparing for graduation will enter a marketplace rife with uncertainty.

Still, there are plenty of careers that show fast growth and pay salaries of six figures or more! Click through to find out which fast-growing jobs interests you!


Education administrators

Postsecondary administrators usually hold a master’s degree, with undergraduate study in social work, marketing, accounting, and education.

Construction managers

Construction managers receive a lot of on-the-job training before ascending to their posts.

Marketing managers

A bachelor’s degree with concentrations in business law, management, and economics is the standard for most marketing managers.


Optometrists earn a doctoral degree in optometry, which normally takes four years to complete, and must obtain a license to practice in their states.


Psychiatrists must obtain the same credentials as other physicians, as well as certification from the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.


Judges hold a variety of positions, including in district courts and circuit courts, while the ultimate goal for a judge would be reaching the Supreme Court.

Sales managers

Sales managers can work in automobile dealerships, selling nondurable and durable goods, and other industries.

Economics teachers

Economics professors have been closely watching events unfold, as social, health, and employment issues have merged to create an unsteady national climate.

The 50 Fastest-Growing Jobs That Pay Over $100K

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