Crafting an Elevator Pitch That Works: Examples and Strategies

Job  Searching?

There’s one major job search tool you might be neglecting, and it can make a big difference when it comes to landing  a job:  the elevator pitch

You may have heard the term before, but do you know how it can help you in the job market?

An elevator pitch  (or elevator speech)  is a quick summary of your professional background It’s designed to be short enough to deliver in the time  that a typical elevator ride takes

What Is An Elevator Pitch?

Your pitch should be relevant to  the position you’re applying for or the company you’re interested in

Tailor Your Pitch

Start your pitch by summarizing your professional work-related experience

Your Professional Experience

This is your chance to show them what value you could bring to their organization

Your Skills and Accomplishments

Close your pitch by briefly mentioning what it is you’re seeking professionally

Your Professional Goals

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3 Elevator Pitch Examples