12 Tips to Save More

How to Save Money on Amazon

As our world continues to move toward all things online, powerhouses like Amazon have filled this need to buy and ship products with ease.

From small household necessities to clothes and accessories, sporting gear, and even furniture, just about any product can be searched, reviewed, compared with other like items, and ultimately purchased on Amazon to arrive just about as quickly as in-person shopping.

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For a low monthly subscription fee, joining Amazon Prime is the most cost-effective savings tool that Amazon offers customers.

Amazon Prime

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Buy at least $25 worth of eligible items, and your order will ship free to the US (excluding Alaska and Hawaii usually) or Canada, even without Amazon Prime.

Free Shipping

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Shipping is always free, regardless of being a member of Prime, but shipments that are set to subscription status will save 15% if at least 5 eligible products are included in the order.

“Subscribe” to Save

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You can earn free Amazon gift cards by filling out surveys or answering questions with sites like My Points, Inbox Dollars, or Swagbucks, just to name a few

Free Amazon Gift Cards

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Apply and be approved for an Amazon Rewards credit card, and you will automatically earn a free $50 to spend at Amazon.

Amazon Rewards Card

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