5 Tips to Help Your Job Application Stand Out

Be Memorable

Do you keep getting passed over when applying for a new job? There are many reasons why this can happen.

According to Glassdoor, each job opening sees about 250 applicants. Of those, employers call five or six candidates in for an interview.

As a result, resumes that are easy to read stand out


Here are five ways to get noticed when applying for a job



Write a customized cover letter

Include why you are applying for that position, and mention how your experience makes you the best candidate.


Tailor your resume to the position

The best resumes are built specifically for the job requirements. They include only what the employer needs to know to properly vet you for the position.


Use your network

This is why we have a network. Use it. Ask around for job opportunities. Find businesses that need help.


Don’t be afraid to follow up

Follow up once, but stay professional.  If the employer does not reply to you after following up once, move on to other opportunities.


Scrub your social media

Pay attention to what you post online to ensure it won’t disqualify you from job opportunities. This happens more often than you may think.

Use these techniques to set yourself apart from everyone else and increase your chances of getting the job! Good luck!