50 Tips to Improve Your Work-From-Home Life

Working from home, while convenient, presents its own set of challenges.

Establishing boundaries, ensuring you have the right gear, perfecting your lighting for video conferences, and everything else isn’t inherently easy to pull off.

Keep reading to find out how to have a happy home-work life.

Set a schedule with tasks for each day.  Time management and prioritization goes a long way in your remote workday.

Designate a workspace. Create a somewhat formal workspace environment that feels similar to reaching your desk or office.

Get dressed…but stay comfy. Gym sweats and leggings are great options for both bed and remote work.

Make it clear when you’re offline.  Make sure your coworkers know when you’re unavailable or done for the day by sending a message, marking your calendar, or setting a Slack status.

Eat healthy snacks. Eating natural fat, salt, and sugar sources like nuts and fruit (instead of cookies and chips) will help you maintain good health even as you remain sedentary.

Cuddle with your pet. Feel free to work with your dog or cat in your lap, if they won’t distract you. Bonding time with your pet is beneficial for both parties and it is one of the biggest perks of working from home.

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Tips to Improve Your Work-From-Home Life

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