11 Skilled Trades Jobs You Didn't Know Paid So Well


Between the housing market upswing and infrastructure advances, you can find skilled trade jobs in the residential, commercial, and government sectors.

This list includes the top 11 skilled trade jobs that earn more than  $50,000 per year. We also included the projected growth for these jobs to see what will be in-demand.

Construction and building inspectors

Before work at a site even begins, construction and building inspectors enter the scene to review plans - whether it be of a home, building, highway, dam, or bridge.


Experienced electricians are often called to join a team of architects and engineers when they design a new electrical system. The field will expand with the demand for solar and wind generators.


Masonry workers, or masons, use brick, stone, and concrete in the construction of everything from buildings and dams, to walkways and roads.

Plumbers, and pipefitters

Depending on the materials they use, plumbers, pipefitters,  and steamfitters may specialize in either residential or industrial projects.

Sheet metal workers

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning ducts, home exterior siding, metal lagging of mechanical systems, and outdoor signage are just a few types of jobs sheet metal workers tackle.

Elevator/escalator installers & repairers

The employment outlook for elevator and escalator mechanics is forecast to grow along with the influx of new development of nonresidential buildings.

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Skilled Trades Jobs Pay More Than $50K

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