Too Young To Be “Old”? Being Fit And Functional As We Approach Our Mid-30s

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While we can have a quarter-life crisis or a midlife crisis, there’s that middle ground when we are approaching our mid-30s that there’s not always an abundance of advice about.

Arguably, this is because there isn’t much of a difference between your mid-forties and your early 30s, especially for people that have truly settled in.

Maybe you’ve been a parent, or you’ve been in a career for a while. Maybe there are a few minor health issues that cause you some concern.

With this in mind, as you are entering your mid-30s, are there any fundamentals of health and happiness we need to be aware of?

We Don’t Need To Take A Pill For Everything!

Maybe we’re just too busy, or too stressed. If we get a headache, that is the straw that broke the camel’s back! But if we all rely on painkillers for every little thing, we can develop a reliance on this and we don’t learn how to manage our pain effectively.

Granted, when there’s extreme pain that only an online dispensary of THC that can fix, or there are long-term health conditions that are difficult to manage, this is one thing.

For the vast majority of us who are slowly beginning to feel a little bit more pain as we get out of bed in the morning, we should take this as a sign that we need to look after our bodies a little bit more. As a result, it’s hardly a surprise people start to hit the gym more.

But, what is the big mistake people are making at this age?

Not Exercising Appropriately

It’s the same every year; people head to the gym in an attempt to lose weight or get healthier, but they give up because they’ve done too much, or it’s too difficult.

It’s important that as we get older, we realize that our bodies aren’t built as well as they used to be. As a result, we’ve got to tailor exercise routines to suit our body capabilities.

Once we get a basic amount of strength we can then begin to add pressure. But at the very beginning, it’s not worth deadlifting 150 kilos when you have no experience!

Instead, work with your body to ensure that you feel nimble and more flexible. Resistance training is an excellent option because it doesn’t apply the pressure that free weights would on your joints.

The important thing when you are struggling to keep your energy up is to not overdo it, to begin with. What you have to do is get to a certain level, and then slowly raise the difficulty setting. This helps you to increase your strength naturally, without overwhelming you, but it also keeps you focused. It’s a race, not a sprint!

The difficulty of approaching your mid-30s is that you think you are as fit and healthy as you were in your 20s. Some people are more so in their 30s.

But we have to be aware that it’s at this point where things start to hurt a little bit more or we feel tired earlier, and we have to make a few more preparations in every aspect of our health to ensure we function better.


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