Things to Consider For Modern Lighting Ideas

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Last Updated on December 21, 2020

Modern lighting style is preferred because it conserves energy and is easier to coordinate the colors with the fabric and hardware. This article sheds some light on what the modern style lighting is all about and what you need to consider before choosing it.

What the Modern Lighting Idea Is

The modern lighting ideas style is associated with the Victorian and Gothic era. It focusses more on geometric shape and simplicity. The style encourages energy conservation and minimalism. Here are things to consider when you choose the style.

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LED lighting has become the best standard of lighting for anyone looking for a style that is energy efficient. It uses a low voltage and may be incandescent or halogen bulb. Led lighting has a long lifespan and could last for several years. It is also reliable and is ideal for different types of houses.

Room size

It is an important factor when considering the type of modern lighting style to choose from. Look at the length of your counters to have an idea about the amount of light needed.  For a kitchen of about 9 feet high, you may need five pendants each of which should be 24 inches.

The height of the ceiling

If the ceiling is high, it may require narrower beams for the room to have adequate illumination. It also dictates the intensity of the lighting you must choose. Typically, modern housing utilize recessed lighting because it has more intense beams and will direct more light on the floor.  

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The fixtures to chose

If your house has larger and spacious rooms, larger fixtures are the best. If the ceilings are high, it requires more extensive fixtures.

Style of coordination and the color

How the colors coordinate with other fixtures in your house is quite critical. Modern homes utilize natural elements such as wood, glass, and steel. So the lighting chosen should match these elements to bring out the right picture.

The design of the house

What most people do is to have the plan first including the fabric, the style, and the colors before choosing the right lighting for the home.

A typical example of modern lighting  – the pendant light

It is one of the most commonly used ideas in modern homes. But if you want to get the best results, be cautious when choosing where you will be hanging the pendant lights. If you decide to hang them over the table, ensure that they are 32 inches above the table. You may also choose to hang them on the lower side of the ceiling depending on the ceiling height, personal preference and the size of the fixtures.  Homeowners with rectangular tables may choose to have multiple pendants above the table. It enables you to have the entire table lit.

If you are providing the lighting for the hallway, have the fixtures hung at the entry. It adds beauty by providing sufficient light and allowing shadows to be cast in the area. But ensure that they are not hung so high.     

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