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Have you ever wondered what I use to run My Life, I Guess…? Well, you are in luck!

This page includes the resources and services that I currently use/have used to make this website possible. Check back from time to time, as I’ll add to this page as I discover things that I’m proud to recommend.

Most of the links on this page are affiliate links. If you decide to use my links to sign-up to a service or make a purchase, I will receive a small commission. It’s a simple, easy way for you to help support me – that comes at no extra cost to you. #winwin

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Hosting & Domain Registration

I use SiteGround to host my WordPress website. I used to use HostGator, who were okay, but I knew there had to be something better. SiteGround came highly recommended, and I could immediately see why! Their support is above and beyond!

I registered my domain name using Name Cheap. They now offer WhoisGuard privacy protection for FREE, which keeps your personal data (like your name, email, home address, and phone number!) safe whenever you register a domain.

WordPress Themes & Plugins

My current theme is designed by Sculpture Qode. They offer affordable, fully responsive themes that come with a lot of customization options so you can style your website the way you want. Use promo code SCULTP15 to save an extra 15%.

The first blog theme I bought for this site was made by Angie Makes. The theme was so customizable, I used it for my first 3 years of blogging and was able to keep my website looking fresh and up-to-date. They also have fonts, graphics, pre-made logos, printable artwork and a bunch of freebies!

The only premium plugin I use is by Social Warfare. It’s an advanced social sharing plugin that will also enhance how you use Pinterest and Twitter to share your content. It’s highly customizable, and can make your site much more visually appealing.

Images & Design Tools

My logo was designed by the amazing Aisling Brock. She was so easy to work with and was able to come up with the exact design I was looking for. No affiliate link here, just an honest recommendation!

All of my post images are made by me using the PicMonkey photo editor. I started using them back when they were free. When they switched to paid versions, I looked around for another option but couldn’t find anything that worked as well, so I was happy to pay for a service I knew worked for me. Sign-up for a free 7-day trial to see if it’s right for you!

If you’re not into making your own designs or are looking for something a little more professional, Creative Market is a great place to find affordable fonts, graphics, themes and more. Plus you can get 6 free goods every week, by signing up to their newsletter. (That’s how I got my current theme for free!)

Fiverr is another great place to hire all sorts of freelance services that can help you build and grow your website. (Even though very few gigs cost $5 anymore.) You can also use this site to make some money by selling your own services, too. Or use this link to become an affiliate and earn those commission sales!

Writing Resources

All posts on My Life, I Guess have been proofread with Grammarly before I hit that publish button. Because let’s be honest, it’s hard to spot your own typos! I use the free version of this app to scan my text for grammatical and spelling mistakes.  The paid premium version also includes vocabulary enhancement suggestions and plagiarism checks.

Courses & EBooks

Becoming a Virtual Assistant is all the rage right now. I am currently taking the $10K VA course by Kayla Sloan to learn how to become a successful one. Can you imagine how great it’d be making $10K a month working from home?

There are soooo many steps involved with launching and running a blog or website. This ebook helped me set up the foundation I needed to make sure nothing was missed without being overwhelmed. Feel free to check out my review or all of the other great resources they have available.

If you’ve struggled with affiliate marketing in the past, or just don’t know where to start, I cannot recommend the Perfect Gift Guides Course more. It’s focused and provides a clear strategy that is already bringing in the passive income. Check out my review and get a discount code for $15 Off!

There\'s a lot more to running a blog than simply writing posts. Here\'s a list of the resources and services I use to help me create My Life, I Guess #website #blog #createablog #websiteresources