Would A Restaurant or Café Presenting as Eco-Friendly Make Me More Interested to Go There?

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There’s been a lot of discussion recently about whether restaurants and cafes should be doing more to reduce their carbon footprint. It was revealed earlier in the year that just 1% of disposable coffee cups were actually recycled.

The plastic waste crisis is very much real, and restaurants and cafes are starting to feel the pressure to switch to eco-friendly packaging. The question is, would a restaurant or café presenting as eco-friendly make me more interested to go there? Yes, it would and here’s why…

It shows they care about more than the money

One of the main reasons I’d be more interested to go to an eco-friendly café or restaurant, is because it shows they care about more than just making a profit. We all want to do our bit for the environment, but there’s only so much consumers can do.

Businesses need to be responsible for the impact they’re having on the environment. So, when a café or restaurant shows they are taking steps to sustain the environment and protect it, to me, it shows the company is responsible and, in my opinion, it makes them more trustworthy too. Can you really trust a business that doesn’t care about its impact on the environment? So, if a restaurant has a recycling management system in place, such as First Mile, I’ll definitely be more inclined to go there.

Enhancing my own eco-friendliness

Another reason I’d be more likely to choose a café or restaurant presenting as eco-friendly, is because it helps me enhance my own eco-friendliness. By choosing a company that gives back to the environment and helps to protect it, I’m effectively helping to do more for the environment than I would if I went to a non-eco-friendly café.

Building a better future

When cafes and restaurants focus on eco-friendly operations, it’s helping to build a better future. There’s no denying we’re harming this planet and unless we act now, our future generations are going to be under threat. Most consumers realise this, which is why more people than ever before are choosing greener businesses.

So, yes, I absolutely would be more interested to go into a café or restaurant if it was presenting as eco-friendly. According to numerous studies carried out in recent years, I’m not alone in my decision either. Would a café or restaurant presenting as eco-friendly make you more interested in going there? Share your thoughts below…  


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