What are the Advantages of Choosing Organic Cotton Bedding?

What are the Advantages of Choosing Organic Cotton Bedding? - My Life, I Guess
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The use of organic cotton in the manufacturing of sheets, comforters, duvets, and pillow covers is an ancient practice, but it has made a huge comeback recently in the US. The reasons as to why more and more people are shifting back to organic cotton these days has a lot to do with the number of advantages it has over the rest of the fibers, including traditional cotton. Let’s now look at some of the most significant ones next.

They are Hypoallergenic

Respiratory constriction and skin allergies were one of the reasons as to why a lot of people shied away from the fiber, but that was before organic cotton was made available to the masses. Organic cotton plants are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides and the cotton manufacturing process doesn’t involve the use of strong chemical agents such as phthalates and formaldehyde. As a result of this, organic cotton doesn’t cause allergic reactions like non-organic cotton does. There are a small number of people who are allergic to the cotton plant and fiber itself, but most of us are actually allergic to the dust mites and trace chemicals found in sheets and covers made out of non-organic cotton.

Organic Cotton Doesn’t Take a Toll on the Environment

Modern cotton farming has led to massive levels of water and earth contamination because cotton farming is responsible for using the most amount of chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers in the farming industry every year. Organic cotton, on the other hand, doesn’t leave any harmful impact on the environment around it. The farmers that understand this and make that choice of switching to organic cotton manufacturing only, need the support of their customers to continue on that path and to inspire others to make a shift towards organic cotton farming as well.

Organic Cotton Beddings are Now More Affordable

Affordability plays a big role in the success of any product and thanks to companies like SOL Organics that are bringing top quality, organic cotton bedding to everyone in the US at affordable rates, the industry is thriving and gaining more popularity with each passing day. The comfort and quality of organic cotton was always there, but it was the affordable pricing of the premium products that changed the game for everyone.

Cotton Keeps You Cool

Cotton, by nature, and especially organic cotton sheets do not trap heat like synthetic fibers, which means that during the hot summer nights, everyone sleeps better and cooler on a cotton sheet.


When you stick with 100% organic cotton, your sheets will last longer because of the simple fact that they are not chemically treated. The chemical treatment automatically weakens the fiber and the threading, so that’s another advantage which also makes organic cotton sheets and covers a better investment.

Bedding made out of cotton lasts longer, feels more comfortable and is the healthier choice, so it doesn’t really come as a surprise that it has become so popular these days.


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