My $2000 Valentine’s Day “Trip”

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Provided the scheduling feature on WordPress is working correctly, as you read this, I am on a Valentine’s Day trip that is costing me about $2000.

Ok that’s a lie because I’ll be reimbursed $1500.

And because I’m probably at home lying on my couch.

So what’s with all the lies and deception??!?!?

I’m on drugs.


Or at least I will be when this post goes live.

I hope.

Why, you ask?  Because Liz Lemon, that’s why.

Yes, I scheduled to have my wisdom teeth removed on Valentine’s Day. My boyfriend is currently on the other side of the planet, so I figured I’d be lying on my couch watching movies all alone anyways, I might as well be heavily sedated too.

The dentist guy told me that I’m going to need at least 5 days to recover as one tooth is growing into a nerve (FUN!). In Ontario, it’s a long weekend (Monday is Family Day), so I only had to burn 2 vacation days to get 5 days off. It’s pretty sad that I have to have minor surgery just to get more than Sunday off of work.

Also, I have health benefits at my current job, but as you know, I’m looking for a new job. Who knows if/when I’ll have benefits again, so I wanted to get these suckers out of my face while I’m still covered (and hope there’s not going to be issues if I end up resigning shortly thereafter).

So if I disappear from the Internet for a few days, there is no need to send help (unless it’s in the form of Ryan Gosling). More likely, though, if I post, comment, and/or Tweet things that just don’t make any sense, just pretend it does ok?

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4 thoughts on “My $2000 Valentine’s Day “Trip”

  1. Manda

    Yikes, wisdom teeth removal scares the crap out of me. I’m lucky that I don’t need to get mine removed, but I remember when my brother did and it did not seem fun :P Hope you have a speedy recovery!


  2. Janine (@apenny4athought)

    That video is hilarious! Love the blog and I’m a big fan of day zero!


  3. Tammy Dalley

    I love the video!! Great post!


  4. Elena peter

    What a painful valentine day. I am also suffering from this problem. I just pulled out my bottom two wisdom teeth. No issues except for the annoying holes which are now there where the teeth were. Food gets stuck. When do they usually close up?
    Also my dentist is suggesting to remove the top two wisdom teeth too, but they are straight and perfectly fine. Do i need to go through with it?


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