Money, Mistakes and Making the Most of It

Last Updated on July 16, 2019

When I started My Life, I Guess… I didn’t really think about where this blog would take me.

I’ve had several blogs before that were read by only a handful of people. I assumed that this one would be no different. My life was at a crossroad and I thought that blogging about it was the right outlet for me at the time.

It was just another blog. A place for me to record my thoughts, track my progress, and seek advice from the small audience I had. And that was enough for me, at first.

But my stories and struggles have resonated with my audience more than I ever could have anticipated.

I had no idea that this little blog of mine would change my life. That it would become a sort of “business” for me. I never imagined it’d become something that I would purposely try to grow.

When I decided to take this blogging thing more seriously, I knew that my title was sort of working against me. It was fine when I was just blogging about my life, but it no longer describes all that this website is about now, or where I’d like to see it go.

I have considered abandoning “My Life, I Guess… ” as my title and URL a few times, and rebranding with something more niche. I’m sure one day I’ll take that leap and either blog under my own name, or with some other title, but that’s not really what I want to do right now. I want to grow “My Life, I Guess…”.

I’ve known for years what I needed to do to sort of bridge that gap.

I needed a tagline.

Something to act as my mission statement to help me determine my future direction.

Something to help readers (new and old) figure out exactly what My Life, I Guess… is about.

I won’t lie. I’ve been trying to come up with a tagline for my website for the last 4 years. I even hired a few people through Fiverr 2 years ago to see if they could inspire any brilliant ideas for me. But I had no such luck.

Nothing gave me that “ah ha” moment that I had hoped for. Not my secret Pinterest board of quotes, my million rough notes scribbled on scraps of paper, or my lists of keywords that I liked and wanted to use.

I wanted something witty or catchy, but anything I came up with only made my branding more complicated. It didn’t clarify what my blog is about or why anyone should bother reading it.

What I needed was something simple and concise. Something that would answer the question: What is My Life, I Guess… about?

Sure it’s still about my life, but it’s become more than just that.

It’s about money. My money, your money and how to manage it all.

It’s about making mistakes. Learning from them and not letting them define you.

And it’s about making the most of whatever life throws at you (or whatever it throws at me).

These are the things I write about. They are the things that are part of my life and My Life, I Guess…  (And I like the alliteration!)

These are the things that I hope will resonate with YOU the reader. The things that I hope you can either relate to or learn from. The things that I hope will keep you coming back.

YOUR TURN: Have you ever started something as a hobby that grew into something more?

Amanda Kay

Amanda Kay, an Employment Specialist and founder of My Life, I Guess, strives to keep the "person" in personal finance by writing about money, mistakes, and making a living. She focuses on what it’s like being in debt, living paycheck to paycheck, and surviving unemployment while also offering advice and support for others in similar situations - including a FREE library of career & job search resources.

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  1. I had a very popular website back in the early 2000’s. I wish I would have stuck with it, especially since blogging is easily monetized these days. I’m glad you stuck it out here. Your journey is far more relatable than most of the PF blogs I read. I appreciate the struggle and hard work and knowing that someone out there is going through it too – and not make 6 figures each month from their blog. 😉


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