Can You Make Your Home Look Expensive On The Cheap?

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When it comes to luxury living and your finances, there’s a trade off. You can either live in a luxury home but blow through your budget, or live in accommodations that look decidedly minimalist.

But is that the truth?

Aesthetics are an interesting thing. It turns out that you don’t actually have to spend an enormous amount of money to make your home look expensive on the inside. In fact, there are a lot of “cheats” that you can use.

You CAN have both stunning interiors and a healthy bank account at the same time. Here’s how. 

Layer Your Lighting

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Walk into any expensive home, and you’ll notice that there are layers of lighting. Homes tend to have both recessed ceiling lights, chandeliers, and lamps on tables and desks.

The combination of all three helps enormously to properly illuminate a space and bring out the best in the rest of the room.

Recessed lighting, chandeliers, and lamps all come in inexpensive varieties, enabling you to preserve your budget while also getting the luxe look. 

Use Synthetic Ceiling Tiles

Deluxe rooms don’t limit the decor to the floors and walls. It extends up, overhead, and includes the ceiling. Many luxurious spaces actually use the ceiling as a focal point and an opportunity to show off stylish murals, stucco, or paintings.

Modern ceiling tiles are far less costly than you might imagine. The reason for this is the way that they’re made. Instead of using traditional materials, some ceiling tile companies have begun experimenting with mass-producible alternatives that slash the cost of ceiling coverings. These tiles look just like regular ones but have the advantage of being many times less expensive. They’re the perfect way of getting something that seems incredibly bespoke on the cheap. 

Let Your Curtains Drape To The Floor

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Long curtains are a hallmark of luxurious spaces, and they should be a part of yours too. Letting your drapes fall all the way to the floor adds a sense of style and passion to a room, without substantially adding to the cost. Again, as with ceiling decorations, you can pick up inexpensive long drapes that look just like the real thing, unless you get up close.

Long drapes instantly add drama to a room, whether it’s a bedroom, living room, study, or library. 

Put Metallics In Your Rooms

Metallic elements are a hallmark of wealth and success. Throughout the ages, people chose gold, platinum, silver, and other metal materials as displays of wealth. After all, metal was once used as money.

The great thing about modern metallics, however, is that you can create those classic looks without spending a fortune. Many interior design companies now make cheap gold-like objects that you can put in your rooms that don’t actually contain any gold at all.

Metallics might include a mirror with a metallic pattern around the outside or a lampshade with gold and silver metallic elements. 

Do you want to make your home look expensive on the cheap? Thanks to the miracle of modern technology, it’s highly achievable. 


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