Top 10 Jobs That Are Seriously Overpaid

Can you name a career that you believe is seriously overpaid? Then, you’ve got company. Pun intended. After someone asked a popular online community for examples of overpaid positions, these jobs were the top-voted responses. How many of them do you agree with?

1. Hospital CEO

The CEO of a hospital does not have to have much if any, medical knowledge to run a facility. Add to that, their most important responsibility is “just schmoozing with the big money people,” it’s a wonder how they make as much money as they do.

Some hospital administrators “get grossed out if you got into the nitty gritty of anything remotely health-related.” One continued, “they’re the equivalent of the Associate Student Body club president.”

2. Politicians

A college professor suggested, “the salary for a congressman is just enough to motivate the losers into thinking it’s a great job they should run for, but not remotely sufficient to motivate the highly educated qualified individuals to consider running.”

So we end up with an individual who either knows nothing about the job or is there for an opportunity to abuse the power that comes with the position.

3. College Sports Coaches

College sports coaches consistently dominate the list of highest-paid government employees. Most coaches bring home a salary in the multimillions plus bonuses when their team goes to playoff or bowl games.

For example, “University of Alabama football head coach Nick Saban made $10 million in 2022. And this is the second-poorest state in the union. So it doesn’t look like they have their priorities straight.”

4. Dell IT Service Desk

At the well-known computer technology company Dell, there is a position in the help desk office where the only duty is to “sit at a computer and press a button to accept and send forward IT service tickets.”

This job has a salary of $100k, and most people who take the job spend most of their day playing games on their phone or watching streaming services to pass the time, according to one.

5. Service Technician for a Private Airline

One night shift service tech said, “I get paid $22/hr for doing next to nothing.” The technician said they spend most of their ten-hour shift “sleeping for five to six hours” and “any odd jobs I can find, but that’s it.” For those reasons, they believe it is an overpaid position. They also received free flights and training to acquire their next level of certification.

6. Televangelists

How do Televangelists and megachurch leaders become multimillionaires from preaching about how important it is to give to Christ? One noted, “Televangelists are the only people today who would make a modern Jesus furious, which is pretty crazy to consider.”

7. Pharma or Insurance Executives

Pharmaceutical and insurance executives make unheard-of amounts of money. For example, just recently, the CEO of Cigna received a “multi-million dollar bonus when NONE OF THE WORKERS GOT A RAISE AT ALL.” Many agree that these jobs are overpaid significantly.

8. Cyber Security

Several cyber security managers confessed their daily duties are far from as stringent as the world would expect. However, many assume the demand for a “high degree of technical expertise and higher education” means the job is inherently difficult, but it can actually be a pretty easy job.

These IT wizards would like to keep it that way, responding, “as someone in the cyber security field… cyber security. They are throwing around tons of money. But don’t let them know that!”

9. Celebrities

One civilian noted celebrities, in general, get paid way too much. The nameless person recounted a story about the late Kurt Cobain and how he wanted to buy a particular guitar for so long in Seattle. “Once he became famous and had a bit of money, the store offered it to him for free. It messed him up a bit because all he could think was, I can afford it now; why am I suddenly getting it for nothing?”

10. Project Managers

One project manager said they “get paid 75k a year just telling everyone if something works or not in whatever software I’m working on.” A final person stated there are project managers for everything now, and it’s too much.

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