In Demand Jobs: Where to Find a Job in 2021

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Since the pandemic hit, the job market has been thrown in disarray. Many people have lost their jobs and are having a hard time finding other employment to replace that income. Unfortunately, the major impact on many industries has created a significant loss of many in-demand jobs that were once thought to be secure.

Even with all the losses in job availability in some industries, others have been able to keep their employees. In some cases, companies have been able to expand their employment needs.

It’s reassuring for those who are struggling and can’t find a new job in these difficult times to know that some industries and companies are still hiring right now.

Unfortunately, it can be hard finding these companies and letting them know you are interested in working for them. Thankfully there are various ways you can find these in demand jobs and get them to notice you for their next job opening.

How COVID Has Affected the Job Market

In March of 2020, due to the spread of COVID-19, many areas across the world went into lockdown in hopes to minimize the spread. This lockdown caused all non-essential businesses to temporarily close and forced people to avoid going out unless absolutely necessary.

During this time, all restaurants and bars had to close to any in-person dining. Non-essential retailers and businesses remained closed. Even grocery stores limited their hours and the number of people allowed in the store at one time.

As COVID continued to spread, the temporary lockdown turned into an extended period of businesses limiting hours of operation and following strict guidelines to help reduce the risk.

Some businesses were able to maintain employees by sending them home to work remotely. Others had no choice but to lay-off or furlough their staff, with the hopes of rehiring them as soon as they can. But as more time passed, many have had to close completely, leaving their whole team of staff unemployed.

These events left millions of people without jobs and left many companies and businesses struggling to stay afloat.

Fortunately, some federal aid and unemployment benefits assisted in keeping things going. Unfortunately, that did not make up for the fact that many people were and still are without stable employment.

Industries That Have Been Affected the Most

During the pandemic, it has become crucial for everyone to practice social distancing. This makes it impossible to enjoy events and gatherings that were once a regular part of our society. Due to the need for social distancing, many industries that cater to these events and gatherings have been hit hard.

Movie theaters and concert venues have had a tough time staying afloat during this crisis since their business relies on many people gathering together.

The restaurant industry has probably been one of the most hard-hit industries during the pandemic. In many areas, there are still major restrictions on indoor dining. Although some restaurants have converted to offering pickup and delivery services, many are still struggling to maintain profits or have shut down permanently.

Hotels, cruise lines, amusement parks, and other hospitality and leisure industries have also had a difficult time since people are asked to limit their travel and gatherings during this time. This has reduced the demand for these services and created major job losses.

Surprising Job Losses Due to COVID

In the age of COVID, there is a growing need for healthcare providers and facilities to treat those sick with the disease. There have been massive shortages of ICU beds, ventilators, and even personal protective equipment to ensure safe and proper care for the ill and their caretakers.

Even with the great demand for healthcare services, there have been major job losses in this industry. This has been a surprising trend for many considering the medical need. However, job losses are understandable considering the current environment.

The healthcare industry’s job losses arise from the push to delay or even eliminate any and all non-essential medical care. Some care that may seem essential, such as cancer treatments and some surgical procedures, has been canceled due to the risks these patients and healthcare workers may be exposed to during such procedures.

With many healthcare providers offering telehealth services, supplemental positions in the healthcare industry are no longer needed. There has also been a great increase in those avoiding going to the doctor or hospital even when they have a health emergency because they worry that they may contract the virus.

All these things have culminated in massive losses of jobs in healthcare facilities. For various doctor’s and dentist’s offices, they may have eliminated in-person services altogether. Even though there is a great need for healthcare right now, many services are all but gone.

Companies That Are Still Hiring

Although the pandemic caused a major slowdown in almost every form of business early on, many industries and individual companies have been able to weather the storm. In numerous cases, these companies have not only been able to minimize job losses and remain open, but they have also been able to increase employment and profits.

Most essential businesses have done well during the pandemic. For example, grocery stores had the ability to remain open during the pandemic to provide the necessary food people needed. Although there were some initial job losses due to shifting hours, the work has been steady, and so has the hiring needs.

Another thing these grocery stores have been doing is offering alternative methods for individuals to purchase their groceries. Retailers, such as Kroger and Walmart, have increased their offerings to allow pickups and even grocery delivery.

This addition of services has created a need for new employees to do the shopping and delivery for customers, making it one of the newest in demand jobs. If you take a look at job posting sites like ZipRecruiter or Indeed, you can see the increase in hiring for these positions.

Jobs That Have Increased Demand

With the changes to the way people shop and spend their days, many industries have been quick to provide alternatives for maintaining social distancing. These massive changes have created a need for employees to help meet those changes.

One industry that has had a major boost in sales is the online retail industry. Companies like Amazon have had an explosion of business due to the pandemic. With many people still wary of shopping in traditional stores, these customers utilize online retailers instead to get the items they need and want.

These online shopping services have created a great deal of in demand jobs. Not only do these companies need employees in their customer service department and warehouses, but other companies that offer delivery of these items have a greater need to hire employees to handle the increase.

There is also a great increase in the need for ride-share drivers. With the pandemic soaring, many people will not ride on crowded public transportation when going out. Ride-share companies have needed to hire more drivers to accommodate this shift in travel.

Many ride-share companies have also increased their services to provide food delivery to customers who can’t or don’t want to go out at all. This has increased the need for these jobs and helped many restaurants stay in business during this difficult time.

If you are considering making a career move, these options are worth looking in to.

Essential Workers

If you are looking for a new job during the pandemic, your first stop should be to check out any company that offers employment for essential workers. Essential workers are any employee that provides a service that is a necessary part of daily life.

Essential worker jobs include critical retail, such as grocery stores, hardware stores, and mechanics. There will always be a need for these workers to provide the goods that people need to survive.

Agriculture and food production, as well as critical trades, such as electricians and plumbers, are also necessary functions of society that will remain open during the pandemic.

Utility services, education, child care, nonprofits, and social service organizations are other industries that are needed regardless of the pandemic.

Unfortunately, some of these industries have still taken a hit due to the economy’s major shift. For example, although child care is still a necessity, many people have lost their jobs and don’t need this service at the moment. This has caused a decline in the need for child care providers.

Transportation positions are also essential services, however, the demand for public transportation has also been impacted by COVID.

But there has been an increase in the need for those able to provide proper cleaning for these services. Janitorial positions are essential because they provide the necessary cleaning to help minimize the spread of COVID.

Gig Jobs

Gig jobs are another industry that is still hiring a lot during the pandemic. ZipRecruiter has listings for a variety of these positions.

Gig jobs refer to various short-term, temporary, or independent contractors who perform duties for many different companies. They are not employees in the traditional sense and often do not have the same protections as traditional employees.

Driving for ride-share companies, offering food delivery, or a variety of other service jobs are usually paid for each piece of work performed instead of an hourly rate. Food delivery services are one of the biggest growing gig jobs due to the pandemic.

However, many of these jobs require you to own a properly running vehicle to perform your duties.

Work from Home Jobs

Many companies have shifted to offer work from home opportunities. Many jobs that were once performed in an office setting are now being performed from the employees’ homes. Although jobs such as telemarketers, freelance writers, and other freelance work have always been available to some degree online, the pandemic has increased the number of companies that offer these jobs remotely.

In addition to traditional work from home jobs, many professional companies have given employees the option to work from home since it can be difficult to social-distance in an office setting. This allowed them to continue their business without violating any shutdown orders or putting their employees at risk.

Many companies that did not previously offer work from home positions are now offering many of these. These positions range from computer support and tutors to therapists and paralegals. This provides a wide range of job possibilities for those even in the professional sector.

How to Find In Demand Jobs

Knowing the types of jobs available is half the battle when seeking new employment. However, you still need to know how to apply for those positions. With many companies not allowing individuals to enter their facilities or limiting entry, it is nearly impossible to simply apply in person.

One method for applying to these various jobs is to go to the individual company’s website and find their career or job section. Unfortunately, this can take a lot of time and effort when you are applying for several jobs.

Online job boards offer a great way for those seeking work to find out which jobs are in-demand and what companies are currently hiring.

With easy search features that can allow you to find job openings within a specific area and apply for positions with ease, job sites like ZipRecruiter also allow you to create a free profile to find jobs that match the type of employment you are looking for.

COVID has undeniably impacted businesses and the job market. But even with the world making these major changes to avoid the increased spread of COVID, there are still jobs available. Knowing what jobs are in-demand will help you get back to work sooner.

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  1. I’ve been retired for five years but I still get job offers from recruiters that call from time to time with engineering positions they are trying to fill. However talking to friends it seems that both graduating and experienced engineers are struggling to find employment right now, in no small part due to the impact Covid has had on oil consumption which has impacted the entire oil industry, a major employer of chemical, mechanical, petroleum and electrical engineers.


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