Don’t Wait for Disaster: 5 Home Maintenance Jobs You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Many people dream of owning their own home one day. However, they don’t realize homeownership comes with more responsibilities than simply paying the bills. It involves making sure important maintenance tasks are taken care of regularly. If not, they could lead to costly problems later.

While some homeowners hire people to help them get the jobs done, labor costs can quickly add up. Most basic maintenance tasks are easy to tackle on your own.

Discover the following five important home maintenance jobs that can save you money.

1. Clean the Gutters

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Each fall after the leaves drop from the trees, you’ll want to remove the debris from the gutters of your house. This removal helps prevent water and ice from creating a dam that can damage the frames and cause leaks over the winter.

While some people hire a professional to do this job, you can save a few dollars by doing it yourself. All you need is a sturdy, extendable ladder, a scoop to remove the debris, and a garden hose to flush the gutters when you’re done.

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2. Replace Furnace and Air Conditioning Filters

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If you have a forced-air heating or cooling system, you need to replace the air filters often to make sure they’re in proper shape. In the case of gas-powered furnaces, dirty filters can lead to poor airflow and unfiltered air circulating through your home. Change the filters every few months for the best results.

When it comes to central air conditioners, clogged filters can keep the cold air from exiting the unit, forcing the system to work harder to cool your home. Be sure to change the filter once a month during the summer months when the system is regularly in use.

3. Unclog Drains

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Clogged drains are a common household problem. A main cause of clogs is pouring hot grease and oil down the drain. As grease and oil cool, they harden, creating a blockage and causing the plumbing lines to back up. Keeping the drains clean and fresh using a homemade solution can save you money on a plumber in the long term.

4. Seal Gaps and Cracks

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Walk around your house—both inside and outside—to look for gaps and cracks around windows and doors or in the walls and foundation. Replace cracked or worn weather-stripping and caulking to keep cold air and unwanted animals out.

5. Flush the Water Heater

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Over time, sediment and minerals build up on the bottom and sides of a water heater. As a result, the unit uses more energy to heat the water, a process that can cause your utility bills to rise. Flush the water heater once a year to help prevent sediment buildup, increase the life of the heater, and reduce energy costs.

Each year, you can save money by handling simple maintenance tasks without the help of a professional. The five tasks above are some of the many important home maintenance jobs that can save you money when you tackle them yourself before they turn into a bigger problem.

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