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I am an organized professional who can provide a wide range of online services to help your business thrive. This includes producing quality content, assisting with your website needs, or managing your blog for you.

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Hi, I’m Amanda, and I’m passionate about writing and educating.

I have a B.A. Honours degree in Dramatic Arts, a minor in English, and a Post-Graduate diploma in Arts and Non-Profit Management. My professional experience includes running a university-level study skills workshop program, providing academic advice and mentorship to college students, and managing the Education department of a professional live theatre. In these roles, I was the only full time employee in each department, meaning I did everything – including customer service, marketing, website management, designing workshops, presenting, and teaching classes.

I’ve also been running my own websites for over 15 years now. When I first started out, there was no WordPress or social media, so I learned how to do it the hard way. I did all the coding by hand, created my own images and designs, and uploaded it all via FTP. Publicity and marketing was done the old fashion way – by creating meaningful online relationships with my audience and with other bloggers.

In short, my skills and experience makes me a pretty well-rounded person, and a great addition to your team.




Whether you’re looking for one article or a regular contributor to your website, I can create detailed and engaging content that will enhance your brand and your message.

As a perfectionist, I want to assure that I’m providing the best content for you by writing well researched articles on areas that I’m familiar with. These include:

  • Personal finance, debt, student loans
  • Personal development, lifestyle
  • Unemployment, careers
  • Stress, mental health
  • Education, academic advice
  • Teaching theatre, drama lesson plans
  • Non-profit management
  • Study skills, productivity, organization

Some of my most popular posts on My Life, I Guess… include:

In addition to the posts you see here, I am a staff writer for Money Propeller, and have samples of my other work on my portfolio page.



Is your to-do list getting out of hand? Do you want to spend more time creating content and growing your business or brand, and less time dealing with the back-end side of things? Let me manage any or all of the day-to-day tasks for you, instead! I’m a blogger too, with over 15 years experience running my own websites, so I understand what it takes to be successful.

Blog Commenting

A powerful networking tool in the blogging community is commenting. On your behalf, I will read articles related to your niche and leave thoughtful and insightful comments to help you gain exposure and stay engaged with your audience. I can also approve and respond to comments left on your website, filter out any spam, and interact with your audience on social media sites, too.

Editing & Formatting

Editing your own work can be hard, which is why I’d give your content a second look before publishing it online. I can also format your content to ensure it has a consistent voice and follows your brand’s style, before scheduling your posts based on an editorial calendar which I can also help create.

Images & Branding

I will search the Internet to find the best images to go along with your posts, and brand them to promote on various social media platforms.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimizing your content is one of the best ways to make search engines love you, and drive traffic to your website. I can help you spruce up your content, both new and old!

Social Media

By monitoring your social media accounts, I can quickly and efficiently respond to your audience in a professional and consistent way. I can also keep them engaged by sharing interesting and relevant information that will spark discussion and encourage interaction. Don’t have a social media account set-up yet? I can do that, too.

Technical Maintenance

WordPress, Facebook and other social media sites are constantly changing. So are privacy and advertising policies. I can help you stay on top of all of these changes, and ensure that your plug-ins, apps, and back-ups are always up to date.

Virtual Assisting

Do you sometimes wish you had a secretary or assistant to respond to emails or questions from your audience? Or maybe you have a ton of data that needs to be entered into a spreadsheet. The beauty of the Internet is that you no longer need to set up an office or have someone come into your home when running a website or small business. I can assist you with your online needs remotely.



There are advertising options available on this website, including guest posts, banner ads, giveaways, and affiliate links. I’d be happy to discuss any opportunities you have that is relevant to my audience.



If you think this might be a good fit, or if you want to know more, please fill out the contact form below or email me at mylifeiguess @ gmail .com. I’ll get back to you a.s.a.p.

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