10 Health Insurance Options Recommended by Digital Nomads for Travel

What insurance do you get for health and travel insurance as a digital nomad? After polling a popular digital nomad community, here are the top-voted recommendations.

1. Cigna

One digital nomad volunteered that they use Cigna for their annuals, and it’s worked out wonderfully. After paying cash at a private clinic, they requested a refund and received it in less than ten days.

They also noted they hadn’t used it for serious illness, but the coverage has been good so far.

2. Expense Funds

Someone shared that rather than buying travel insurance, they keep an emergency fund that covers the cost of all their travel belongings—items such as their laptop, suitcase, and the contents of the said suitcase.

“So instead of paying extra for coverage I might never use, I’ve already covered myself. It saves me money and saves the hassle.”

3. State Farm

Another admitted that State Farm insures $8000 worth of coverage for roughly $200 a year. It covers expensive electronics and other items. They elaborated that it doesn’t insure lost luggage, but they keep a separate savings fund for that purpose.

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4. World Nomad

One traveler announced that they use World Nomads. It’s ideal for long-term traveling, “You can extend and take out policies while traveling, which is suitable for someone like me who makes plans on the hoof.”

Another agreed that World Nomads has a quick payout, provided that you save all your paperwork for medical reimbursements.

5. True Traveler

True Traveler came highly recommended. Someone confessed they hadn’t filed a claim with them but have experienced tremendous customer service when they’ve contacted them with inquiries.

“The flexibility of extending and starting policies while you’re already traveling and for months on end was worth it for me.”

6.  GeoBlue

Someone acknowledged that GeoBlue has been excellent for them. They elaborated, “I should still be working towards my deductible each time I file a claim (usually for labwork since I constantly get my cholesterol, test, etc., checked). But sometimes, when I file a claim to count a payment. They will reimburse me.”

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7. Nationwide

Another admitted that getting and using travel insurance are two different things. After having emergency surgery in South Africa, the user explained that Nationwide was on her side. They paid the claim immediately, without questions, and even covered her bandages in aftercare.

8. Seven Corners

Seven Corners came highly recommended. One user shared that a hurricane knocked the power out at her hotel in Mexico, requiring her to get a second hotel room. Seven Corners responded immediately by paying the bill.

9. IMG Global

One person shared that they were part of a couple in their 40s with IMG Global coverage for $100 a month. However, they warned that it’s for patient people. “Unfortunately, my wife broke her wrist at the end of January. Six months later, I’m still waiting for them to resolve the claim completely.”

They continued that out of the four doctor visits, they had only processed two of the claims. Nonetheless, they said the bill is less than the deductible, so it doesn’t financially affect them.

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10. Allianz Global Care

Finally, someone mentioned Allianz Global Care. For around $1000 annually, you can purchase a basic policy. It covers accidents and hospital stays resulting from injury or serious disease.

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