Enjoying Music Without Spending a Fortune

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Being a fan of a particular band or musical artist can be an expensive hobby to have. When they’re constantly putting out new releases and announcing concerts in your city, the costs can soon add up. However, there are plenty of ways to keep yourself active in a “fandom”, without having to throw everything you’ve got at them financially. Here are just a few!

Throw yourself into the industry

Before you order those $100 concert tickets, ask yourself – is there a way I could get into this show for free? Granted, not everyone has music industry connections, but if you’re prepared to get a little clever and creative, this could really work in your favor.

Are you a talented writer or a budding concert photographer? Try reaching out to local music blogs. They might not be able to pay you to write reviews or take photos, but they may well be able to sort you out some media passes, in exchange for just a little bit of your time.

Experience as much as you can online

Can’t get to the concerts at all? Who can blame you – it can all get really expensive. Luckily, there are plenty of ways that you can still enjoy a band and their music, without having to spend hundreds of dollars on standing waiting for them to play the stage in the rain. Guns n Roses, we’re looking at you…

Speaking of Guns n Roses, this band is one of many you can find featured in music-related slotmachines on sites like https://www.mrgreen.com/ca/. The themed games feature soundtracks from some of your favorite bands. In the case of the Guns n Roses one, you can enjoy the likes of “Sweet Child of Mine” and “Paradise City” while playing the slots. It’s definitely cheaper than buying concert tickets and who knows? You could even win some cash.

Of course, that’s not the only thing you can do online to bring you closer to your favorite band. Aside from gaming, you can follow social media accounts, meet like-minded friends and stream songs. All for free!

Use online marketplaces

If you’re a sucker for band merchandise, it can become quite an expensive thing to be into. One of the best ways to save money in this respect is by checking out peer-to-peer reselling groups. Whether it’s T-shirts, records or anything else, you can often find plenty of things to gear yourself up as a superfan, without paying for the super price ticket. Sure, things may have been lightly used before, but you’ll be helping your fellow fans make money while saving yourself in the process. And, when you’re done with the items, you can also sell them on. Just look on Facebook for reselling groups or you can try eBay.

Enjoying music can be a very expensive hobby, but it shouldn’t have to be. Music is one of the greatest pleasures in life and it should really be accessible to everyone.


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