4 New Ways to Enjoy Your Garden and Reconnect with Nature

When you first bought or rented a property with a garden you probably imagined lots of lazy afternoons spent relaxing or even hosting many family barbecues with crowds of guests enjoying themselves. But be honest with yourself, how much benefit are you actually getting out of your garden?

Life gets in the way of us relaxing so often. When we work to live, it usually ends up being more a case of living for work. And if you do get a brief respite from the daily grind, you often just want to lock yourself indoors and binge on TV.  You may not even manage to get out into it much in order to maintain your garden, which just feels like another chore.

But that is not how it should be. You should make every effort to get outside and enjoy your garden for what it is. Here are some simple tips to motivate you to really get the best out of your outdoor spaces.

1. Start Hosting More Barbecues

Start inviting people over for a barbecue. There is no better way to make yourself do something that you would typically have backed out of or put off. Set a date and force yourself to socialize. Plus barbecues make great birthday party ideas!

Get your favorite BBQ products and accessories set up so that you can cook some great food. Ask people to bring a their own drinks and a few appetizers to help keep the costs down. Often guests are more than happy to contribute to the occasion.

2. Install a Bird Feeder

Having a bird feeder means that you will get plenty of wildlife in your garden. Watching the bird’s visit can be very relaxing and also very captivating at the same time. This will be a great way of motivating yourself to spend more time in your garden relaxing.

3. Brighten the Place Up

Maybe there is something that makes your garden a bit depressing to spend time in. If you give the place a facelift, you might be much happier spending time out there. This may mean that you need to paint the walls, power hose the patio, mow the lawn, or plant some flowers. But if you feel comfortable in the space, you will be inclined to want to get out there more.

Getting an outdoor heater or a fire pit may also make you want to stay outside until much later, where you may not have spent much time out there later on in the day otherwise.

4. Plant Some Vegetables

Having vegetables growing in your garden will mean committing to taking care of them. Find out the best types to grow in the area that you have, and work out when the best times to plant them will be. You will have to keep looking after them by watering them and stopping insects from eating them, but at the end of it all, you will have fresh, homegrown vegetables for you to enjoy.

Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Garden

Your garden is not just a piece of land, it is a place where you can relax, entertain, and connect with nature. With some simple tips like hosting more barbecues, installing a bird feeder, brightening up the place, and planting some vegetables, you can motivate yourself to spend more time outside and appreciate the benefits of having a garden.

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This article originally appeared on Life on a Discount and has been republished by My Life, I Guess with permission.

Image Credit: halfpoint via Canva.com.

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