The Do’s and Don’ts Every Groom Should Know About

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Last Updated on July 30, 2021

A wedding day is a big event for both the bride and the groom. While much of the planning is typically left to the bride, the groom also has a role to play. His work doesn’t end at finding the right engagement ring and popping the big question.

For the best results, couples should work as a team. Since the planning efforts can be quite challenging, the groom should strive to give his best shot and contribute in any way he can.

If you’re a groom who is wondering what you should or shouldn’t do, here are some pointers to help you out.

Be Open About Your Opinions

By all means, avoid being the type of groom that says “whatever” or “I don’t care” – especially if you do care. Not letting your bride know what you feel about her choices can be frustrating for you both. 

Even if you are not the final decision-maker, your opinion and your input is important.

Let your voice be heard in the decisions concerning decor, wedding outfits, the menu, entertainment, and all the other little details. 

Make a List of Your Duties

The mounting pressure of the fast-approaching wedding day can take a toll on you. The numerous preparations that need to be done can get all mixed up, causing an unhealthy last-minute rush. For you to be on the safe side, make a list of every duty assigned to you.

Duties as significant as finding a reception venue or as minute as buying the table napkins should be listed. Don’t assume you’ll remember everything! You don’t want one mistake to ruin your big day. 

Write Your Vows

Couples no longer have to recite vows scripted by the wedding officiate, if they choose not to. Vows with a rigid structure used to be the norm, and anything different was considered an exception. That’s no longer the case. On your wedding day, you have the opportunity to vow your deepest feelings to your loved one in whatever way you’d like.

Why not craft your own heartwarming vows? You can get inspiration from the numerous wedding vows off the internet. However, you probably don’t want to copy them word for word. Instead, give them a twist of uniqueness that means something to you and your partner.  

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Don’t Leave Out Your Groomsmen

The purpose of the groomsmen is to offer you a helping hand before and during the wedding. If you’ve been assigned too many tasks, delegate some to your groomsmen. However, be careful to assign the important tasks to the most responsible people.

Groomsmen can also come in handy if you have some surprises you’re planning for your bride. They can play a significant role in helping put the logistics together.

Remember to thank them with cool gifts after the wedding for helping you out. You can find bourbon barrel gifts from WhiskeyMade for them, for example. Or you could do what my husband and I did and buy your groomsmen their wedding attire as a gift.

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Don’t Plan Your Bachelor Party on Your Wedding Eve

The bachelor party has become an integral part of the wedding culture. Spending the last night of your singlehood with your male friends is exciting. The drinks and the party mark the end of one phase of your life and the beginning of another. 

However, this one night could also ruin what would otherwise have been the perfect wedding. You don’t have to get drunk on the night before your wedding day. The hangover that follows could make you miss out on enjoying your special day. Because it is your special day, too.

Don’t Eat a Heavy Dinner 

Good food is hard to resist, especially when you’re celebrating something as good as your wedding day. However, it’s better for you to resist this temptation than it is to deal with an upset stomach on your wedding day. 

You also need to stay away from spicy and deep-fried foods. These are culprits for heartburn and stomach infections.

Don’t Try Something New on Your Face

You want to look your best on your wedding day, which means you should avoid experimenting with new products on or just before your wedding day.

Your friends might recommend a product they use and which works well for them. But what works for them may not work for you. If you don’t want to show up at your wedding with rashes, use what’s familiar to you. 

Take Away

Weddings are beautiful, but the planning that goes into them can be hectic. As the groom, you can help your bride make the most out of your day by following a few dos and don’ts. Whatever you do, ensure you’re working as a team with your spouse for smooth success. 

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