The 25 Best Skills to List on Your Resume

Some companies receive thousands of applications for coveted positions, making writing an effective resume a critical step in any job search. The only way you will be granted an interview when there is a lot of competition is to make your application stand out from the masses.  To do so, you must include your skills …

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flatlay with the words hard skills vs. soft skills

Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills: Which Ones Do Employers Want?

You might be polishing up your resume or just reviewing your own skillsets and how they relate to your current position, but knowing where your strengths (and weaknesses) lie is valuable knowledge.  While most of us can rattle off what we can do within our job titles, understanding our abilities as hard skills vs. soft …

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30+ Places to Learn New Job Skills for FREE!

30 Places to Learn New Job Skills for FREE!

Upgrading your job skills and learning something new is always a great idea.  With our current reality, taking advantage of free skills training is something that everyone can benefit from. If you’ve been laid off or are out of work, training courses look great on your resume and can help you become a stronger candidate …

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